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Dexter: The Game

If you are one of the few individuals still stuck in the antiquated world of standard mobile phones, then here’s some news that might just pique your iPhone interest.

Icarus Studios are in the final stages of development for their gaming adaptation of Dexter, and have released a new trailer to celebrate. The preview looks positively saucy, but is sure to garner at least a few angry letters to the editor. Hit the jump to check it out.

Icarus Studios, the good people who are set to bring us the much-anticipated MMOG Fallen Earth in September, have seemingly outdone themselves with a subject that could easily have become an explosive can of worms. For those uninitiated into the world of Dexter, the plot centers on a likeable serial killer who tries in vain to lead a normal life.

It is entirely understandable why it has taken so long for a Dexter video game to be made, especially considering all the hubbub still surrounding the show after three seasons, but what was quite unexpected was the level of care and attention to detail that we can already see from the trailer.

Fans of the show who don’t own an iPhone need not worry because a PC release is expected later this year with the possibility of a console port if the game is successful.

Dexter: The Game is set to join the long list of must-have applications on the iPhone alongside PhoneSaber, and ol’ faithful: the Beer Counter. Look out for its release in the coming months.

  1. Oooh fantastic, do they actually have the proper voice actors doing the game voices?

  2. avatar Crazy Canadian

    I think this is the most excitement Ive ever had over a iphone game :)

  3. Michael C. Hall is indeed confirmed as voice actor for the game, which is awesome. Not sure about others, though.

  4. I’m reading this on my new 3Gs, how fitting.

  5. avatar Dexterfan111011!!

    I think they’ve missed the point of Dexter. Also the idea of actually performing a slow, deliberate,and live dismemberment is a bit disturbing.

  6. @Dexterfan
    From one Dexter fan to another, I think I agree. I don’t know how well Dexter’s mannerisms would translate into a proper game though. Ah well, I think I’ll still get it.

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