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Clones are pretty freaking sweet, eh? For those of you who aren’t in the know, Dead Fantasy is a fan-service machinima that pits Final Fantasy heroes against characters from Tecmo’s Dead or Alive.

This episode is all about Yuna versus Kasumi. Hit the jump for clones, summons, and more clones, with a bonus pinch of Cloud Strife!

Cloud is so hit or miss for gaming fans: he’s either known as “emo douche bag” or “super cool soldier badass”. There’s really no in-between with this guy!

  1. i am a bit disapointed cloud showed up, kind of devalues the role so far of the the characters. nothing against cloud but the idea that after all that they needed big bad cloud to save the day kind makes me go mehhh

  2. Episode 2 is still by far the best.

  3. While this was an awesome episode, I have to agree with Colin on this. I just don’t know how anything can top Episode 2. I would actually prefer if the creator went back and redid Episode 2 in new HD graphics, rather then create new ones.

  4. Been quietly watching this, have to say I’m impressed! I may have been in the minority here that liked Cloud turning up, I’m a FF7 fanboy at heart…

  5. @Grahame: Actually the part of this video I really disliked is when Cloud showed up. I thought the whole point of these videos was girls fighting girls. When Cloud showed up I had this feeling that “girls need guys to defend them”. It kind of put me off honestly.

  6. I have no idea what this is about, but it was pretty entertaining to watch.

  7. avatar martial

    is thare a Dead Fantasy 8 yet

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