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Ah, the special edition issue raises its ugly head again… or does it? Well, no. Looking at this figurine for EA’s upcoming heavy metal action adventure Brütal Legend, however, makes us wish it had.

The statue, which measures in at 17-inches tall, was scuplted by Mark Newman and painted by Tom Vukmanic, and looks like something that deserves shelf space cleared for. The bad news: there are just 1,000 of them knocking about. The good news: they may be very easy to win.

Hit the jump for information on how to win, a photo and, just for kicks, twenty-two minutes of Tim Schafer talking over gameplay footage for the game.


To get your dirty mits on one of these Eddie Riggs figures, all you need to do is follow Brütal Legend on Twitter and keep your eye on updates from the official page over at EA.

Finally, as mentioned, this clip is twenty-two minutes in length and lets you get an insight into both the workings of the game and the kind of time Tim Schafer has when he’s chatting to a couple of dudes from Double Fine. Also, Ozzy acting pretty well! And swearing (you’ve been warned). Enjoy!

Source: Destructoid

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