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You see that clown? He’s probably crazy. It might have something to do with the fact that Arkham Asylum is, in fact, a house for the criminally insane, but he just looks crazy.

Today, we’ve been given another developer tidbit that helps us piece together the story of Batman: Arkham Asylum. With the hundreds of teaser videos we’ve been given so far, pretty soon someone might be able to doctor a completion video! Hit the jump for the two minute developer video.

To add to the hype: Gamer Limit was able to play this at E3, and it was quite fun. Stay tuned for more updates on Arkham Asylum, now that it actually has a release date!

  1. avatar Gizem

    I am hoping that it will be Two-face, Catwoman, and a new Batman along with the new hrealy shown for the first wave, Then for the second wave, Hugo strange, Recovering Joker, Commissioner Gordon, and maybe a black and white Batman like in the game trailer.

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