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According to publisher EA, Battlefield 1943 sold a record breaking 600,000 copies on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Considering each game sold brought in $15, that means over $9,000,000 changed hands for this game. Battlefield 1943 is now the fastest selling title on both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Producer of Battlefield 1943, Gordon Van Dyke stated, “We are honoured by the reception that the game has received so far. Watching and participating in this non-stop multiplayer action has been a real treat for us and we can’t believe how fast our fans reached 43 million kills. We can now truly say that we have set a new standard for what can be done in the downloadable games category and gamers recognize the endless value that Battlefield 1943 provides for just $15.”

Battlefield 1943, which originally came with three maps, recently received a new map and game mode thanks to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 communities completing the EA’s community challenge. After 43 million kills EA added the map Coral Sea and the Air Superiority game mode, which has instant respawning airplanes and miles and miles of dog fighting action. To see what GamerLimit though of BF1943, check out our review here.


  1. When I see Gordon Van Dyke’s name, all I can think about is Paul Van Dyk.

  2. I know what you mean… When I’m playing WCIII my playlist is mostly the Dyk

  3. I was so close to buying this game. But I went for Wipeout Fury instead. I do need to pick this up soon though.

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