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Just a few hours ago we reported a listing of brand new achievements for Battlefield 1943, thinking that the release date would not be far off. It looks like we were correct in our assumptions. Next Wednesday and Thursday, the battle shall begin anew!

For your console’s equivalent of $15.00, you can enjoy four new maps, a brand new destruction engine, updated graphics, colorful locals, and lots and lots of killing.

Thanks to the Official Battlefield 1943 twitter that has kept us posted on all the news! Don’t know about you, but we’re staying up late for this one!

  1. I have my MS points all ready to go :-)

  2. Looks like they realised that 360 gamers would need a headstart to get to 43 million kills ;)

  3. avatar Kaleigh Henfling

    Tammy this a wonderful blog post! It is so wonderful when persons appreciate all that you do.

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