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Halo has been through many changes since it’s debut announcement back at MacWorld on July 21st, 1999.

Originally designed as an RTS for PC and Macs, shortly after it was changed to a third person shooter… then in 2000, Microsoft picked it up, and took it on the path that we all know.

Below is the original debut video, that was featured at the MacWorld 1999 Conference.

I can remember watching this trailer back in the day, and damn it makes me feel old looking back at it.

Happy Debut Anniversary Halo.

  1. Ah yes…back when it was fun to play the campaign.

    On something unrelated, some what. The person that cuts through at 1:21. Why does it look like gordan freeman in his suit. You can barely see it but it does.

  2. I like that the music never changed… it’s always been epic.

  3. Was it really 10 years ago. I remember when I first sat down with my friends to play Halo on the XBOX. All I could think to myself was that I had already played games much better then this on the PC. I still can’t deny the affect Halo had on the console FPS world. It literally changed everything and paved the way for all future console FPS’s.

  4. The music is its legacy I feel. It was epicness with a capitol E.

  5. I suddenly felt very old reading the title of this piece, Halo still seems newish to me!

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