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Ace Team, has been kind enough to give us another copy of the Kooky PC game Zeno Clash to giveaway.

To snag it, you just have to be the first person to guess the game below from its boxart.

- The Boxart -


Do you know what game this is? Well, put your reputation on the line below: a copy of Zeno Clash awaits the victor!

  • Each day a new segment of the boxart will be revealed.
  • Keep an eye on twitter for alerts on when it has been updated.

Terms and Conditions:
1) No more then two guesses per household.
2) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff
3) Gamer Limit staff & affiliates are not allowed to enter.
3) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email)
4) This is a digital copy, no box provided.
5) You need a installation of the distribution platform Steam to be able to receive Zeno Clash

  1. Day Of The Tentacle, perhaps? Hmmmm indeed!

  2. Darn you, haha, too fast.
    Matt wins, will email within a few hours.

    New comp up soon :)

  3. Thanks very much! I forget why but I was looking at all the old Lucasarts adventure games recently and the round fingernail set me off.

    My apologies for ruining the fun so quickly! ;)

  4. Haha, darnit, that could’ve been fun, too! Loving these competitions, Colin, they really get the noggin going (when they aren’t ruined by know-it-alls lol)!

  5. avatar Sylar

    I wonder if there will be any new Steam giveaways.

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