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Over on Reddit, there has been quite the stir regarding the Dancing Zombie from PopCap’s latest game, Plants Versus Zombies.

The general gist from their discussion is, while previously the Micheal Jackson zombie was humorous, yet now, since his death, it looks a touch distasteful.


Living or Dead‘? Latest album is ‘rocketing up the undead charts‘? I can understand where the MJ fans are coming from, but should Popcap make a change as a sign of respect?

I suspect it will come down to, how long is joking about a deceased person taboo… and if they get an outcry from the MJ fanbase.

Although no matter what happens it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Thanks Carl for the heads up.

  1. I think the content on is far more offensive than a coincidental resemblance in a video game.

  2. Agreed, it’s more of a parody of Thriller.

  3. avatar LOL

    ROFL I forgot about this, good find!

  4. avatar stezton

    I think it kind of comes down to the fact it was done before he died & of course the fact he did Thriller. It was not done with any intention of mocking his death.

  5. He died long after the design for that model was implemented.

    Of course, tons of Moms (who would otherwise love PVZ) will be pointing their finger at Popcap at how “terrible and insensitive this game is”, so they’ll have to change it, I think.

  6. It seems like a change is really inevitable, but I think it’s too bad that they’ll have to change it. What makes me the angriest about it is that many people die all the time, and there would probably be no backlash from anyone if it weren’t specifically Micheal Jackson.

  7. Should it? No.
    Will it? Probably.
    People are stupid.

    Wow, felt like writing a haiku.

  8. avatar ChrisW

    I have the game, bought it on Steam the day it came out (about a month ago). And I must say, my friend and I laughed our butts off at the parody. We loved it! I will send them a personal letter requesting to not change it in memory of the King of Pop’s and the song that made him most famous!

  9. avatar kittle

    NOOOOOOO! Please don’t change the zombie. They did nothing wrong. Don’t do anything to censor the game. It’s awesome as it is. The dancing zombie stays!

  10. avatar Imdabiznez

    Brainz!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an awesome game and im sure MJ Would have loved it and want us all to enjoy his dance moves.

  11. avatar Anonymous

    heheheheh…..ang cute naman ng mga picture

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