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In particular response to the March 11 school shooting, the German government is in the process of passing legislation which would see a complete ban on the distribution and production of all violent video games.

According to GamePolitics, Germany’s 16 interior ministers have come together to ask the Bundestag to ban the production and distribution of all violent video games.  The ministers hope to accomplish this before Germany goes to the polls on September 27.

Crytek, one of Germany’s most prominent game developers, is at greatest risk from this legislation and if it goes through, they will no longer be able to produce violent games in Germany.  For a list of other German game developers, click here.

Without reading the specific text on the legislation it is difficult to speculate on the particulars of the bill.  That being said though, a few assumptions can be made.

Problems will most likely arise on what constitutes a violent video game.  In addition to this, nothing has been mentioned on sexually explicit material.  It will potentially be possible to buy 18-A games , just without any violence.

The legislation also appears to affect developers and distributors only.  This means that even though violent games can not be sold or made in Germany, the playing of violent games is not illegal.  If this is the case, Germany has the potential to become a large import market.

Source: GamePolitics

  1. That sucks majorly for the Germans. I feel sorry for them D:

  2. avatar Vertlain

    Pure paranoia. Ban everything!

  3. avatar Daniel

    I got games from a US army base from germany, I got the New Wolfenstein

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