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Publisher THQ, much like the entire games industry, has been forced into making some tough decisions over the past year or so. Top of the list must be their job cutbacks, reaching a total of 550 people from across the many facets of the company.

While seeming like a large number and a cruel step to take, it is one that THQ feels is proving to be justified, pointing out that titles such as Red Faction: Guerrilla may never have happened had they continued the way they were going.

“We shut down a lot of studios and laid off a lot of people – 550 – in product development so that others might live,” executive vice president Danny Bilson told “The studios that lived through that didn’t get hit at all and they got more money in order to get to quality. The guys who are left didn’t feel the pinch at all.”

“We spent millions more on Red Faction: Guerilla at a time when we were closing and contracting all over the place because we have to win in the end.”

While it is no consolation to those who lost their jobs, it is nice to hear the thinking behind such a business plan can result in something as tangible and successful as Guerrilla. Here’s hoping that other companies are thinking carefully about what they are doing with their resources and not just laying people off heavy handedly to save money.


  1. It’s always sad to hear when people lose their jobs, but if the company had gone under, that would be have much worse.

  2. avatar Nessa

    mystfanc81 / I think every FPS should have a copy of the priioscen rifle. Don’t tell me you guys never spammed that thing, because you know you’re lying. That thing is god in a 5.56 caliber package. Merc heaven. Masako paradise. Eos . uh .. good thing. Bottom line is this was the best FPS ever made.

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