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Wolf Hitler

If you’re a fan of news round-ups here at Gamer Limit but grow tired of the dry, British humor that I so readily provide on a weekly basis (if I do say so myself), then this week could be just what you need. Without boring you with too many details, I have just found out that I am very short on time on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

Therefore, this round-up is as true and pure as a list of the week’s news highlights here at GL. Enjoy! But don’t enjoy it as much as when I babble on and make things funny. That would be plain rude.

Bionic Commando only sells 27k in the US
PEGI wins the UK games rating catfight
Midway Newcastle reveals Necessary Force
PrisonStation 3 saga: inmates never given PS3s, have no chance of escape
Do Europeans have fourteen days worth of patience? (NO!)
New Need For Speed trailer shifts into high gear
Ultra Combo: Bioshock and Oblivion to be bundled
Fratboys rejoice! Preorder Halo 3: ODST, unlock Sgt. Johnson
Forget your umbrella; Heavy Rain “still at alpha stage”
COD: WaW Map Pack 2 surpasses a million
ESRB unhappy with Left 4 Dead 2 box art, fingers reattached
id Software: sorry guys, no Hitler in Wolfenstein
Activision considers abandoning Sony without a PS3 price cut
Xbox 360 sales creep up in Japan
Fat Princess arriving “some point this summer”
Bethesda discusses Point Lookout’s origin
Monster Hunter 3’s boxart revealed! (NICE!)
God Of War 3 site back with a bang!
Bayonetta combo gameplay video
Ballmer corrects his new Xbox statement

And finally…
Mario gets some stylish re-workings
Harder than Ninja Gaiden: Paper Gaiden
Mega64 confirms Left 4 Dead 2 as the “same old s***”

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  1. “but grow tired of the dry, British humor that I so readily provide on a weekly basis”

    Quite frankly, I love it. Keep it up, Clance!

  2. Thanks, guys. Means a lot :)

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