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Hello there, dear reader. If you’ve a hankering for an intense injection of gaming news, you’ve come to the right place. The Week In News is here to round-up the highlights from Gamer Limit’s week in… well, news. Yes. So, without further ado, hit the jump and click away at all the highs (and lows) that the past seven days have brought us.

I’ll get this first one out of the way quickly because, even though I am a huge fan of the series, I feel like I’ve just been force-fed the most delicious selection of cakes ever and now need to take a breather or risk collapsing… It’s a nice little Metal Gear Arcade trailer *burp*. Speaking of having lots of something, Free Realms, the free MMORPG that launched not long ago at all, has reported hitting the 3 million user mark. I say.

Elsewhere, Call of Duty is another shining example of a title with many, many, many, many users. So much so that it is, in fact, currently being surrounded by the rumor police, arms raised in the air, wearing an “I have no idea what an MMO even is, officer!” expression on its face. Psh, yeah, right you don’t.

Going from one end of the fitness scale to the other now (not mentioning Wii Fit, honest!), we’ll start with some more details about Max Payne 3. Apparently the man’s put on some weight and is paying the price for using too much hair gel all these years. Plus, he’s now living in Brazil and probably not swinging about rooftops. But, a couple of people who are (or were and will be), are the dude from Assassin’s Creed 2 in these gorgeous screens and Faith, who will be back for a Mirror’s Edge 2. Well, I hope she will be in it anyway – she prrrrty. Also, she has people dress like her. But Max Payne’s got bullet time… Oh yeah, so does Faith.

Anyone wanna see Jimmy Fallon use Natal? here you go. I must say, while the footage does look rather decent, there is a slight delay in movement between player and avatar at this stage. Also, THEY ARE DRESSED LIKE SLIPKNOT TO COVER UP ENOUGH TIN FOIL TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE COLE MCGRATH’S NOSE BLEED. Probably. Or they just wanted to look the part. Rascals! Oh, and here we have some Raskulls gameplay.

Here’s for some bleak reading, depending on which way you’re looking at it, I guess. Sims 3 sold 1.4 million copies in a week and Deadline Games has filed for bankruptcy. It’s a strange industry we love, isn’t it?

So, here are a couple of stories to help take the edge off and remind us that there is plenty of beauty out there. Blueberry Garden is one of those indie games I could just look at all day; I’d put screenshots of this on my bathroom wall. If you got Steam, however, you could have moving images on a PC screen, because it has arrived. The Last Guardian is not a story about a couple of guys in green trousers spilling their mochas as they attempt to race to the news stand for the final copy of a lefty newspaper. No, it’s the story of a giant, fluffy… thing and a kid. Here are some heartwarming sceenshots.

And finally… R.I.P. to the Xbox 360 coffin. It’s every man for himself (and his box) from now on. Good luck.

Are you keen on picking up one of those boiler suits and stomping around your mother’s living room? Do you want another slice of MGS cake? Well, resigter with Gamer Limit here and we’ll do our best to make your dreams come true.

  1. Clance, you never cease to amaze me. I love you, brother.

  2. The feeling’s mutual, Steveo

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