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With all of the build up to E3, Sony did try to sneak the downfall of The Matrix Online past us. As an avid fan of The Matrix Trilogy and a long time player of MxO myself, the news that MxO was going to be unplugged definitely served as a downer for me.

I was made aware of the sad news when the following email appeared in my Inbox.


Dear MxO Subscriber,

We want to inform you that on June 1, 2009, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) will suspend commercial services of THE MATRIX ONLINE (MxO). However, SOE will continue to operate the game service and players will still be able to play MxO through July 31, 2009. As of June 1, 2009, SOE will no longer offer customer support or provide updates for MxO, and active subscribers with accounts in good standing will not be billed after that date. MxO subscribers who have prepaid subscription time that extends their subscription period past June 1, 2009 will receive a pro-rated refund for any such pre-paid excess subscription payments*.

Such refunds are expected to be issued by October 1, 2009. We welcome those active MxO subscribers in good standing to play one or all of the following SOE massively-multiplayer online PC games at full paid subscriber status at no cost between June 1, 2009 and July 31, 2009 (subject to the terms and conditions described below) using the same Station Account you use to subscribe to MxO**: Free Realms™, EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, and Star Wars Galaxies™.

To access and download the game software for EverQuest, EverQuest II, or Star Wars Galaxies, begin by downloading Station Launcher here for free: To initiate the download of Station Launcher simply click on the “DOWNLOAD BETA” button. Once the download is complete, Station Launcher will serve as your one stop shop for access to all the identified online games except Free Realms, which can be found at

We value having you in our player community and hope that you will find a new home in one of these other SOE games during this trial period. During the last two weeks that MxO will be available, we intend to initiate a world-ending event and invite our active MxO subscribers with accounts in good standing to participate in bringing Mega City down together.

We will go out with the same level of dramatic in-game event that has kept this game exciting over the years. Get ready to jack in and become part of the final chapter of the story!

We appreciate your loyalty and commitment and look forward to seeing you in another SOE game.

Sony Online Entertainment


The email was sent the week of Thursday, May 28th (the day I received my notification). I personally was a little ticked at SOE for giving such little notice about this, a whole 3 days, but I was at least relieved to see that people would have until July 31st to truly say goodbye to The Matrix. This would probably be a bigger gaming news story if SOE didn’t sneak it out knowing the shadow of E3 would loom over this sad information and go mostly unnoticed.

Along with the two months of final gameplay it appears that there will also be a goodbye event put together by the remaining staff, according to Daniel “Walrus” Myers quote from the Gamer Limit’s news article on the same topic.

The team will also be whipping up an end-of-the-world event. It won’t be quite the same as having over 100 developers in the game as Agents like when we ended beta, but we have 4 years of tricks up our sleeve. It’ll be a chance to revisit all the things that make MxO the memorable experience it is. And how could we pull the plug without crushing everyone’s RSI just one more time?”

That quote, and subsequent comparison to the MxO Beta finale, got me on a big train of thought about the path MxO took that more than likely lead to its ultimate downfall. Now while MxO lived a pretty healthy 4-year life – longer than I honestly thought it would last – it should have lived a lot longer and a lot healthier, rather than limping through its final year and a half like a poor old dog.

MxO was, and in my opinion still is, the best MMO alternative for people who didn’t want the fantasy style of World of Warcraft / Guild Wars or the space ship filled EVE Online. MxO’s entire world was set in the “present day” with all of the fun gun-fu that the movies had and was the best game instalment of the Matrix universe (MxO never had a “real world” plain of existence outside of some loading screens so everything was set in the Matrix, which was built to resemble the present day). However, key mistakes along the way pretty much doomed MxO from ever realising the full potential it could have had.


– Warner Bros. And Monolith gave up on the title far too fast.

MxO was released March 22, 2005 in North America and Sony acquired rights to the title from Monolith June 17, 2005. After just 4 months of retail sales the founding team apparently gave up on the title. In my opinion, this is way too early to give up on any MMORPG title since these kinds of games usually take a bit to get going, WoW didn’t start off as the juggernaut it is today either. The early switch in ownership I believe was the overall biggest blow to the growth of MxO. The change forced everything else into a slowdown and pretty much had a ripple effect that caused most of the other issues that developed in MxO.

– Removing the main characters of the movies.

You can’t really bring back Trinity, Agent Smith, and Neo into the storyline since all three of them died in the Matrix Revolutions (although the end of Revolutions and the opening storyline cutscene of MxO strongly hinted that Neo survived) but there was a great remaining cast of characters in the Matrix Universe that progressively, and with seemingly little fanfare, got phased out of the storyline in favor of new characters that players weren’t familiar with and couldn’t relate to.

  • Morpheus, a normal human who’s fought Agents hand to hand and lived to tell about it, was gunned down in a back alley and put up seemingly no resistance. Although Morpheus’ apparently survived the attack, his ability to enter the Matrix was crippled so for all real purposes he was eliminated (and a few years later replaced with a program that was a clone of Morpheus).

  • Niobe, Morpheus’ on-and-off woman, was injured while hunting down Morpheus’ killer and never really recovered from the physical and emotional losses – so she’s out of the picture.

  • Ghost is relegated to being Niobe’s silent sidekick who pretty much “retires” for some bullshit spiritual reason.

  • The Kid (yes, the annoying “Neo, I believe” character from the sequels) becomes the leader of an entire Zion sub faction called “E Pluribus Neo” before vanishing for no true reason and proceeds to do jack squat.

  • The Merovingian and The Architect really did little during the overall arc of MxO. They only seemed to show up to simply move storylines along and provide some lip service for the game. They don’t even really seem to be in control of their respective factions (Exiles and Machines) but rather figurehead leaders, since players don’t directly report to either of these characters and those direct reports always seemed to have their own agendas and not that of these two big wigs.

  • Morpheus’ operator, Link, fulfills the role of tutorial guide and then disappears and is never heard from again.

  • Seti, the “I made a rainbow for Neo!” girl from Revolutions gets abducted by some rebel programs and not much happens to her beyond that.
  • Seraph takes a similar role as Ghost, becoming the sidekick bodyguard to The Oracle (although it could be argued that’s all his role was in the films anyway). After Seti is captured by some rebel Machine programs, Seraph goes to save her and ends up falling in some sort of corrupted pool of Matrix code. When he reemerges from it he’s acting all wonky and different, and when he comes to he just kind of vanishes.

  • The Oracle just kind of sits around letting everything go by, pushing along other characters storylines as necessary, until she was ultimately killed off not long ago in the game’s storyline. That’s right… The Oracle, the character who pretty much created ‘The One’ anomaly and pushed some of the biggest chunks of storyline, was killed off.

I honestly thought the writers must have absolutely hated the remaining cast of The Matrix Trilogy or something, because they constantly seemed to go out of their way to phase out existing characters in favor of newer ones. The cast overall basically made me, as a player, feel distant from the main storyline and made the entire game feel like a Matrix side story instead of the continuation it was meant to be.

– General lack of effort and loss of Live Event/LESIG teams.

When MxO first launched there was an entire team dedicated to playing the game as Agents and other key characters as a means to further in-game events and directly interact with players, giving players the feeling that they truly were making a difference. After the SOE buyout of the game the LESIG team was reduced to playing minor characters before eventually being phased out and replaced with a Live Event Team (LET) comprised purely of volunteers.

Along with the LESIG changes that took place, the use of full-motion-video cutscenes at the start of every new chapter and sub-chapter of the game was cut off shortly there after. FMVs were replaced with storyboard like black and white cutscenes, like the ones in Max Payne 2 or inFAMOUS except not as good. SOE’s explanation was that the Matrix movies were all drawn up using a nearly identical method before their actual filming. Sony… its called storyboarding and lots of movies use it, and all movies actually film things instead of just releasing the storyboard.


– Too much politics and not enough cyberpunk.

The first movie was pretty cut and dry; Man versus Machines in a virtual world that had a modern and cyberpunk feel to it. Basically if you could make the movie Hackers anything better than the shitfest it was, you’d get The Matrix. Okay so the sequels added a 3rd faction to the deal in the form of the Merovingian’s exiles, big whoop it made sense. All three of these groups pretty much hated the others and wanted control, and there was the whole Man versus Machine war still going on.

The storyline in MxO pretty much turned everything into a pseudo political debate. Take the Merovingian’s speech about causality and over think it way too much and that’s what the game’s story kind of delved into. Humans can’t do ‘Thing A’ because ‘Thing A’ will cause the machines to do ‘Things B and C’ which would break The Truce and cause a giant shitstorm resulting in the exiles doing ‘Thing D’ and having ‘Things E-Q’ basically ruin everything.

All of this leads me to ask, what happened to “They got Morpheus so lets get all of the guns, shoot all the dudes, blow up their place, and go back to the ship for lunch”? I guess before Neo’s Truce and Matrix Revolutions the Matrix Universe was pretty much the wild west, and the post Truce universe turned everything into C-Span.

– You could never be an equal to a storyline character.

I remember one of the big things about MxO’s add campaign being the ability to interact and fight alongside, or against, characters from the movie trilogy. Well, this would have been all fine and dandy if it wasn’t for the fact that the main story characters were allowed to exceed the maximum level cap of the game.

Really, how am I supposed to stand toe to toe with Morpheus when I can only be a level 50 and he can be up into the mid 60′s with his level? The only people I think should have been allowed to exceed this cap were Agents and Neo.

– Stupid. And I mean stupid. Storyline decisions.

This is kind of an amalgamation of the political mumbo and character jumbo, but the storyline writers for MxO quite honestly thought up of some stupid shit. One instance was when an operative found some weird chemical compound in the Matrix that gave people crazy green eyes and new powers. Ultimately this storyline resulted in one character having laser eyes – yes, fucking laser eyes, I’m talking full out Cyclops optic blast stuff or Superman’s heat vision.

This stuff will be perfectly fine once DC Universe Online ships, but not in the goddamn Matrix. Or another story where apparently the core of the Zion organization somehow managed to build an entire second city of Zion deep inside the earth without the Machines ever knowing, oh and the city was rigged with enough EMP charges to hold off a machine offensive… um, why didn’t they just rig said charges around their original city and just correct a few of the design flaws with the original Zion?

– SOE’s takeover and other not really relevant changes.

I said it earlier, Sony’s takeover of the game slowed down things in general for MxO. But around the same time as the SOE takeover of the game, a lot of people were discovering that the then current combat system was rather flawed and needed tweaking. Instead of just fixing what was broken and adding to that, Sony’s team felt it was necessary to implement a completely friggin new combat system in the game (which looked oddly reminiscent of the Star Wars Galaxies system) which took time away from game and live event maintenance – again bringing MxO to a crawl. In short, they spent way too much time on the Combat Revision 2.0 when they should have just been fixing the original system. Instead of fixing a chair with one broken leg, they pretty much said “fuck it” and bought a brand new chair.


I will provide a eulogy for the end of the games run. The Matrix Online, my personal favorite MMORPG, I bid you adieu and hope that you rest in peace. You were a great investment and you had grand ideas. It’s a shame that luck and intelligent leadership simply could never bounce your way, for if they did you would have been facing a much different destiny than you ultimately have before you now.

MxO, you saw a great path ahead of you and at moments saw glimpses of what you could have become but as Morpheus himself once said, ”You will find out, just as I did, that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” I will fire up MxO again for those final days, as a fan of the franchise since day one I owe it to myself and to you. I’ve seen how deep the rabbit hole went, and I’m disappointed to know that I must eventually leave Wonderland.

I have dreamed a dream, but now that dream is gone from me. -Morpheus

  1. avatar Blindsydex

    Well put.. pretty much everything all of us original MxO people were saying for years.. we got things we didn’t ask for, and the things we asked for were ignored.. nothing was ever done with CQ points except it was made so you can view other peoples.. I dunno, I’m sad to see it go, but it’s not a surprise to me at all.

  2. avatar imaximus

    Very good article, I wouldn’t say I agree with 100% of it, but 99% I do. Nice job of summarizing pretty much the entire life of MxO.

  3. avatar Wake Up

    Good points, except you left out the primary reason MxO failed: it catered to gamers instead of fans. And before all the gamers roll in here and attempt to respond, I remind you that MxO NEVER had the kind of numbers the Matrix fanbase does even today.

  4. avatar videogamer

    SOE is where MMOs go to die.

  5. avatar Anonymous

    Lulz, Morpheus quotes Les Misérables?

  6. avatar wampdog29

    You might want to look into whoever that North Korea guy is…. I have been seeing that name around a lot of site ever since the North Koreans cyber-attacked everyone. You may want to send that in for tracking…. I’m not kidding

  7. avatar Anonymous

    You said that WoW didn’t start off as a juggernaut. Granted, it didn’t start with 11 million players, but part of the reason for the launch issues was that they had estimated the amount of players that they would get in the first year, and got that in the first month.

  8. avatar Cellar

    Personally I disliked the movie sequels because they focused on the fx of the cyberpunk aspects and completely, spectacularly, failed to get the other points in part one. But that doesn’t really bear on MxO.

    Sony is evil, pinches pennies, and had even worse writers and less clue than parts II and III. Ok, spectacular but not news. Still, a bit of a pity.

    I suppose it’s too much to ask to open source the whole encilada and especially have the people working on it write down as much as they remember of running the whole thing. It might be interesting for those of us who DM or help run other MMOs.

  9. avatar Alec

    Honestly, I believe it could’ve been the best game ever, but since it’s supposed follow up on events that happened in movies that hardly anyone cares for, that’s the main reason why it has failed. The reasons given above are just icing on the cake, so to speak. If they had retconned the sequels & placed the game just after the first movie, then it probably would’ve been a bigger hit.

  10. avatar Chris

    This game was still running?

    I played it for about 3 months when it came out, quit for 2 years, then came back for two weeks. This game never had any type of end-game content that I saw (unless you count pvp as end-game), coupled with the killing off of main characters ended this game.

  11. avatar Corey

    I played the game for a few days when it first came out. I was mostly disappointed with how the game made me feel like a shlub running around, rather than an operative with grace and agility. Jumping over things like fences and rails was an exercise in frustration, and the combat system felt cludged. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  12. avatar StuartC

    YES…its still running….hurry up and download Station Launcher and jack-back in ALL YOUR PREVOUS CHARACTERS ARE LVL 50 NOW! have everything and its about 4 days left till the end of the world *caugh* caugh* end of the game event

  13. avatar Paperghost

    A superb rundown of what went wrong. I abandoned the game when they started recycling EVERYTHING due to lack of staff.

    The Smith Virus event first time round? Exciting stuff, some of the best action since the game launched.

    Then they went and redid it a year later, which was just bizarre. Here was this one off, storyline centric moment that had a start, middle and end…and then you were supposed to pretend you hadn’t done this at all 12 months later, wink wink nudge nudge.

    Same for “rewards” (hats coloured differently) and the same old Xmas / Halloween nonsense. I’m guessing they had to phase out the main characters because it’d cost too much money to keep them in, but they pretty much butchered the story in doing so and that laser vision thing….oh dear.

    I’m amazed it lasted as long as it did. The saddest part is I’m not tempted in the slightest to renew and see the game end. Ah well.

  14. Good passionate write up. Unfortunately this game went wrong long before it ever launched. I was working at Ubisoft and responsible for the online marketing/community for MxO (I’m proud to admit that I’m the one who gave it the MxO tag). All the stars had aligned for me with this game. It had one of my favorite game designers working on it and it was based on one of the coolest sci-fi universes ever. I hired my favorite web/flash artist to create the first MxO website which was designed to be the inside of a hovercraft and I even did the news updates as if they were being typed into a unix terminal. Throw a couple mini-ARGs in for good measure and my attitude was… What could go wrong?

    For me (I stress the me part, aka IMHO), the first thing that started the downward spiral was the second movie. The first movie truly stretched and inspired my imagination, while the second and third felt like a lot of political and religious rhetoric. Thankfully I had read the intended script for the game/continuation of the matrix and I liked it a lot. I actually felt we could have lost the 2nd and 3rd movies and just started from there and been peachy. Admittedly though, I’m not sure how much of the intended story made it into the final game.

    The second major issue (again for me) was when I first saw the game in all of its green hued splendor. While it matched the style of the matrix, it sure didn’t mesh with the entire concept of it. The entire theme, at least for the non sheep was about getting unplugged yet the game kept us plugged in. I asked “will the real world be a part of this”? Imagine some of the story lines and environments, NPCs, events that could have been created, like in some of the animated Matrix shorts, or even beyond? The answer was simply “no.”

    At that point the math wasn’t hard. We’d already seen a number of good MMOs with a variety of both environment and MOBs/PCs to interact with and WoW was just around the corner. The Matrix (at least then) offered humans and green hued cityscape.

    I’m happy to see that some were able to get past many of the issues and really enjoy the game. I’m sorry to say I never could. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I’ll have to blame that on such a good first movie.

    Live and learn. I’d be all for another Sci-fi go with a BSG, Riddick, Star Trek, or even Star Ship Troopers (done right of course).

  15. avatar Ersatz

    Liked the article, good to get an insiders perspective on the downfall of MxO. I notice at least a few of your points boiled down to “Warner/Monolith ruined MxO by selling it to SOE” and I have no doubt that moving the game to a company with less particular passion about the franchise didn’t help. However, there are reasons why that move happened, going primarily back to the reception to the second and third Matrix movies.
    Reloaded and Revolutions sucked away a lot of the enthusiasm for the franchise in general and deflated expectations a bit for MxO. MxO launched nearly a year and a half after Revolutions, so any momentum that it could have syphoned off of that film was lost. While there was a large initial push with MxO, it was clear that the large audience just wasn’t there, so Warner/Monolith washed their hands of it. You also must keep in mind that it is very hard for subscription MMOs to succeed at all- I consider it somewhat amazing that MxO has lasted even this long.

  16. avatar Wayne

    Love the post, and wish I could have played the game as I loved ALL of the films (which puts me into a separate group, I know.) However, everything you said makes me glad I didn’t, as it only justifies my reasoning and dislike for anything MMO, especially anything MMO tied to an existing franchise. If I’m going to play a game like MxO, I’m going to want to be vested in the story, and will want that story to be as entertaining as the stories that got me interested in the first place – which is what sounds was the biggest problem with the game. Sad to see it go, but maybe the fans will do something about it. :)

  17. avatar H3c70r

    I said it during beta, but the Dev’s didn’t listen. MxO was far too repetitive in their quest system. Yeah you had local contacts quests, but seriously they spent way too much time on PVP during beta and not enough time on content. We were sold the “Wait till release…you haven’t seen it all spiel” and nada, zilch ever eventuated.

  18. avatar Pico

    the game looks real cool!I like violence!

  19. avatar Pico


  20. avatar Awww..

    Bloody Shame – Was about to get this game, gonna check around for private servers or making my own! (Let’s hope!)

    • avatar LantLy

      Unaware of the failure? No. Incapable of fniixg it? Yes That pretty much sums up the Mythic experience from the people I know. You do what you can but when upper management hands down seemingly arbitrary and at times conflicting design decisions you either implement them or you get fired sooner. Squeak all you want but when the Lead Designers are too busy being PR whores to do any real down and dirty design work it’s not likely to do any good. And by design work I mean iterating and dealing with the details, simply deciding something high level and moving on to let someone else sort out the details is not real design work.On the other hand it is what the industry is. No one in QA these days should ever have delusions of grandeur about suddenly being promoted onto the design team. At a small studio where you’re a person, maybe. Not likely but maybe. At any studio big enough to make a AAA MMO, ain’t happening.

  21. avatar Slag

    A private server would be easy. Anyone got a link to the game client?

  22. avatar marc

    i played mxo at launch left came back left again and was just planning on coming back a third time a couple days ago search for the game and find out surprise the matrix is dead. the points you raise are valid but i can explain a lot of them. lith and wb bailing – they had never run an mmo before and realized they were in way over their heads. the sale to sony staved off a much quicker (read: within one year of launch) death. i read the game only moved around 50,000 copies at launch, lets be really generous and say 3/4 of those people keep subscribing. thats not a lot of money. the sale to sony meant sony can say look at all these games you can play with station pass and kept it on life support for much longer. i’m guessing at the very end right before the announcement of closure the game had less than 1000 non station pass subscribers across all servers. Killing off the main characters… yeah it sucked, but it all comes down to money. they got limited voice work to begin with, and with the game not making much money they’re not going to pay jada pinkett smith and laurence fishburne for more voicework. and the fan outcry would have been huge off all the sudden some other person is doing morpheus voice. the switch from rendered cinema to storyboards – same deal. the death of live events, can’t argue with you there. the combat revision, the game needed that badly. to me the matrix was always about kung fu and gunfights, not virologists and ballistas wth which everyone was in cr1. so that was a good thing. and yeah the story got ridiculous, i quit the first time around that whole attack of the 50ft women eyeball laser stuff. i am still upset this game is gone forever, as it did have a ton of potential, the most helpful mmo community (and generally more mature) then any other i’ve seen, and the interlock combat you can’t find anywhere else and was awesome. theres some real work going on to decode packets and get a private serv up i hope those guys succeed in the next year or so

  23. avatar XOIIO

    Are there any private servers still up or some way I could get the game? I missed out on it (I’m only 15) and it’s looked amazing. I’m extremely sad that it shut down. If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it.

  24. avatar not Neo

    I didnt play Matrix Online but i was very entertaining to read this review. laughed out loud a few times :D

  25. avatar Trebor-Nesihtam

    That’s lame, I’ve always loved the matrix movies. Always wanted to play MxO. Since I heard that IT was actually a GOOD matrix game whereas Enter the Matrix was the muppet baby equivalent and Path of Neo was just garbled with wonky controls. I get a laptop and go to try out MxO and lo and behold! It’s dead! Terrible news. However, I tip my hat to he or she who calls him/herself “Wake Up” with the companion cube image. The movies are what made this game interesting. but it seems we both have a certain level of respect for the game side of it. Perhaps in some other realm of existance this game is “still alive”

  26. avatar Player

    any private servers up running, if anyone know of one please post it on this site… i have some good memories about this game… hard to see it go down… they could atlest let the servers run… so the ppl could stil play, bether than shutting it all down like this.. i miss it…

    best regard

    bigg fan :*(

  27. avatar still a fan of MxO

    good article and good comments. I loved MxO. Yes, it was repetitive once you capped out, but I never got tired of kicking the crap out of some NPCs or fellow players every now and then.

    I think the community is what set MxO apart.

    RIP MxO, you’re missed.

  28. avatar Anonymous

    I would LOVE to play on a private server! I see its been a few months so an update would be nice.

  29. avatar marc

    private server is up in testing stages but u can log on and mess around, im not gonna provide a link, but perhaps googling “the matrix online emulator”… hmmm… that second link sounds interesting… might be a good place to start… ;)

  30. avatar Karate MA

    I joined the game during the BETA. Still had my BETA in-game t-shirt till the end. I remember simply clicking “Block”, being a level 40+, and going semi-afk, and 0 damage was done. NPC/MOB could not touch you. At all. For any reason.

    After SOE Combat Revision, A level 40 could easily get hit and attacked while in block mode, by a level 5 MOB.

    In short, could have been a WoW killer if done correctly.

  31. avatar Madhattah

    As it was said before, “Everything that has a beginning, has an end.” I saw the beginning with great hope and the end with a profound sadness.

  32. avatar Anonymous

    everything that has a beggining has an end. let us now give a moment of silence that the game was sold to SOE…and died within a few years, anyone got a link to the client?

  33. avatar Synfool

    As much as SOE truly is the devil of MMO’s, Monolith had already killed that horse before SOE took over and started beating it. I heard SOE took over after quitting the game and joked that SOE took it over out of jealousy of a smaller company ruining a sure-bet franchise game much faster than they did with SWG. LOL

    Monolith screwed the pooch from the get-go by letting factions exploit/PL eachother and turn the events at Live into a hilarious reenactment of the final battle from ‘The Last Samurai’. The same people that were doing this were also some of the official forum mods and we’re beating posters that were calling them out for what they did with the mod/ban stick.

    The tipping point for me was the flaming fist effects. To me, that’s when it ceased to be MxO and started trying to be City of Heroes. It’s a shame because I had a lot of hope for this game and especially appreciated it’s style and effort put into the little things like the interactive emotes or how the female toon’s feet didn’t look like Fred Flintstone’s and actually made a slapping sound against the pavement when the shoes were off.

  34. avatar jam_fu

    Probably a little past relevant…(3 years?!) But I also wanted to play MxO. I knew a guy who got to play the BETA and he loved it. Yet, sadly I disagree with nearly all the points in this article. The fact that everyone spams the 2nd and 3rd movies is getting more than a little tiresome. While they did differ from the 1st one, ALL MOVIES THAT MAKE SEQUELS DO! While this is not always a good thing(normally it isn’t) it is the vision of the people who imagined the idea in the first place. You bought your ticket. They made the movie they felt should be made, with their own artistic vision for it in place. You paid to see a movie. You were entertained. Flying kung-fu. I say again, FLYING KUNG-FU. Give it up, bro. If you wanted to see a film that you thought would have more than what you got, get a refund. Otherwise, STFU. Plus, pretty much all MMOS are shit. It’s going to be a game with a quest system. You usually will not care about them. GRIND, GRIND, GRIND. Repeat. Welcome to online gaming. P.S. Sony is inherently evil….we all know this. ^_^

  35. avatar LeMAge

    The game was buggy for sure. SOE didnt give it much love or advertising, Stealing staff to work on “The Agency”. But MxO was also unique, had ideas incorporated that many games go not have yet. For all that three years after its gone I still miss it and wonder why I get tired of SWTOR inside of months but would happily jack-in again and play for months more.

  36. avatar Auth

    I have to say, that is one touching game. And etveyrhing blends together so nicely, the music, the art, how gameplay changes over the time and how it fits the story. I want to thank you. Luckily, my girlfriend likes this sort og games, so guess who i send this to^^

    • avatar Gunner

      I loved this game. It touched me too, I miss it terribly… I started with Beta stress test. Toward the end I was working too many hours and could not play… :( Did not even know it was shutting down until I logged in on my birthday about ten days after. :(

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