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So, after the excellent showing from Microsoft on Monday, it was always going to be interesting to see just how Nintendo and, in particular, Sony would react. Would there be a reaction at all? And what would the reaction be against? These are all questions that may or may have not been answered fully yesterday. Hit the jump to find out.

Kicking off Tuesday’s action was Nintendo, who were hoping to forget last year’s merry-go-round and focus on the future.

Funnily enough, they began by turning to old faithful, the past, in order to shape their happy future. Super Mario Bros. Wii is a game set to stay true to the original on the NES, this time with four-player co-op! Check out some gameplay here. Sticking with the little chubby plumber, Nintendo also revealed Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, for all those creative types who own a DSi. And, on the subject of being creative, WarioWare promises the option to create games from scratch and share them with friends! The list goes on; a HUGE revelation came in the shape of Mario Galaxy 2, which looks lots like the original, just slightly prettier. Not a bad thing at all.

Sticking to what they currently do best (and sell the most of), Cammie and co. revealed Wii Sports Resort, which was blessed with the site of Big Reggie Fils-Amie shooting some invisible hoops while demonstrating the basketball mini-game – one of many new additions to the series. Of course, he doesn’t need a Wii Fit Plus but others may do, so that was also announced.

Reggie “reads the blogs” and knows that gamers need more. So, Nintendo are going to try and give something back. Golden Sun is now coming to the DS, much to the delight of neglected rpg fans everywhere! Also, Samus is going to be given a neat back story when Metroid: Other M hits the Wii. That last clip was a big shock for the crowd, met with applause and excitement. Go Nintendo!

But, previous to this, was the unveiling of an application that involves the player inserting a finger into the kind of peripheral that belongs in the doctor’s office. This device then tells you what is going on inside your body (apart from confusion). It’s called the Vitality Sensor and was perhaps Nintendo’s attempt to innovate beyond Microsoft’s outer body experience, Project Natal. Didn’t quite have the same effect though.

Now to Sony, who were under real pressure to claw back what Microsoft so mightily took control of.

Jokingly dubbed by Sony as “the worst kept secret of E3″, the PSP Go! was officially announced and came with a few games that just may have secured a successful year for the platform. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker showed up and gave a glimpse of some spectacular handheld visuals… Big Boss looked like THE MAN. Kojima may have given in to Microsoft’s calling but the gameplay clip for the PSP title was a bit more special. Meanwhile, Resident Evil Portable was revealed, as was Gran Turismo PSP.

Moving on to the PlayStation 3; what happened last year? The big news was that FFXIII was coming to the Xbox 360, right? Well, this year, before that title is even near release, Sony pull Final Fantasy XIV out of the hat and state that this one will be an exclusive.

Some absolutely fantastic gameplay clips were showed off by Sony. Uncharted 2 looked sensational, MAG continued to live up to its name, Assassin’s Creed 2 bolstered Sony’s conference (why did Microsoft and Ubisoft leave this one out?) and God Of War III was brutal. Sony’s amount of gameplay evidence really began to build a strong case as time went on…. but where was the reaction to Project Natal?

Motion control, baby. A couple of dudes wearing beige came out on stage to show the crowd just what they could expect when the PS3 comes of age (that rhymed, so leave me alone). Project Natal looks like it could me the greatest thing ever but that trailer wasn’t a couple of dudes in beige doing things live, was it? The motion control was 1:1 intense. take a look right here just what went down.

A couple of arguable moments came with the announcement that Rockstar were to bring Agent exclusively to the PS3. What do we know about it? Not much. But hopes are always with those guys behind it. Also, Team Ico revealed The Last Guardian – but they should have made sure the leak we saw a few weeks back didn’t happen. This could have been bigger.

And Finally…

Possibly the best thing about the day and, arguably, the whole of E3 so far was ModNation Racers, which is set to blend LittleBigPlanet with Mario Kart to superb effect. This exclusive reveal can be seen here. Five minute track creation FTW!

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  1. Sony were sex at E3

  2. avatar liam

    microsoft won e3 as usual, sony took second and nintendo fail in last to no suprise. lookng forward to natal its gonna be awesome, and really want modnation racers LOLZ its like far cry map editor meats forza with cartoon and unrealism = win!!!

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