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Hello and welcome to Gamer Limit, where we are covering E3 (as you may have noticed) in a big way this year. In case you missed anything from yesterday, let us inform you of the highlights from June 1 2009.

WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!? Burying the ghosts of 2008, E3 has begun with a bang! E3 is SEXY once again… and it’s so far thanks to Microsoft, who put on a real show for their fans yesterday. As predicted by me on last weeks LimitCast, a brand new Halo title was announced: Halo: Reach. Check out the incredibly teasing teaser here, along with some news about Halo: ODST, which has been slightly overshadowed now. Meanwhile, an even bigger shock to the system was Left 4 Dead 2, which looks set to feature an all new cast of characters – is this a good thing? – but the same zombie enemies you’d want, – no, need – from this game. Check out this bloody trailer.

If that wasn’t enough, Crackdown 2 was revealed, so get ready to start throwing lorries from skyscrapers later this year. While you’re at it, listen to Cat Stevens, because Xbox LIVE will be linking up with Last FM to bring a music streaming service.

The first cut is the deepest, baby Sam Fisher knoooows! Check the man out – he’s all rugged and affected and coming exclusively to Xbox 360. Watch the Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer now. More stealth news came from the one and only Hideo Kojima who snuck out at the very end of the Microsoft press conference to drop the bombshell now known asMetal Gear Solid: Rising for the Xbox 360(!). The game will have Raiden as the main protagonist and will more than likely appear on the PlayStation 3 too. Or will it?

In other news from day one, Peter Molyneux talked about Milo the only way he knows how – with enthusiasm! He said it is a game! If Project Natal is fully realised, it will be mind-blowing. But, so far, it’s just a great idea with a well-polished trailer. Ubisoft showed some impressive stuff from Red Steel 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Shell-ebration!!??) and Assassin’s Creed 2, which will have us all falling in love with the sultry combination of Tuscany and murder.

And Finally… This Beatles Rock Band trailer is immense.

How will Nintendo and Sony respond today???

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