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You no longer have to wonder if the marketing rumors and images were just a Wii in wolf’s clothing.  At the World Hobby Fair in Tokyo, two new color Wii’s were on display for people to press their faces to the glass.

A new black Wii and the nunchuck and remote for an elusive blue Wii were both presented in their shining glory.  Don’t lift your eyes to the sky in thanks yet.  The blue Wii is currently only being reserved for a Japanese-only Club Nintendo prize.


It’s sleek, onyx counterpart will be released in Japan on August 1st.  Sorry to wet your appetite, but there’s still no word on the if’s and when’s of an American debut.

Source: Inside Games

  1. I hope they bring Monster Hunter 3 here, and that sexy black Wii. Yummy!

  2. avatar dj

    wasup homies, blue wii mote is pumping yal

  3. avatar your stupid


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