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New details regarding Blizzard’s upcoming RTS title Starcraft 2 have recently hit the web, including some unexpected revelations, developer interviews, and a shiny new gameplay video. Hit the jump for a rundown the noteworthy bits, a video interview with Lead Designer Dustin “Terrible, Terrible Damage!” Browder, and the aforementioned gameplay footage.

Noteworthy Bits:

  • LAN play will not be supported.
  • Beta is intended to last four to six months.
  • Beta invites will be sent out in waves.
  • “Zero chance” of SC2 making its way to consoles.
  • Terran, Protoss, and Zerg tech trees.

New gameplay footage:

Interview with Lead Designer Dustin Browder:

Source:  SC2Legacy,

  1. Are those the official tech trees?

  2. Yes, Alex. They were captured June 22nd, but were held under an NDA until this morning.

    Builds of SC are changing pretty rapidly however, so its likely that those tech trees will be outdated shortly. Bask in them while you can.

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