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Sims 3 Getting Down and Uncensored is a news article I posted about a week ago.  Ever since, it has been increasing in popularity each day.  Many have read it, and many have been gracious enough to provide their thoughts.  Some of the comments are humorous, some are against the idea of hacking censor bars, and others think it is a great addition.

I decided to dedicate this week’s Sunday Soapbox to the readers who’ve shared their opinions.  As a result, I’ll be sifting through the mountain of comments picking out a couple that have raised some good questions or  those who just made me laugh so hard that milk shot out my nose, and I’ll sum it up with a quick response.

Ian: “Oh come on! are people so desperate to see low resolution genitalia that they have to resort the the sims?

Me:  This was my initial reaction too.  Considering the fact the game has massive youth appeal, it shifts the focus of the orientation from Sim life to nudity driven motives.  Instead of taking a shower because the character needs it, the Sims are taking back to back showers because people want to see them naked, which undermines the foundation of the game.  But then some other readers raised some good questions that made  me think critically about the nudity.

James Pinnell: “I think the saddest part is that it was out even before the retail version.

Me:  James, I’m glad you picked up on this.  This was the off topic / sub category that I wanted readers to catch on to.  The game isn’t out yet, and people are beginning to tailor the game in a way that is considered inappropriate.  What does this say about our ethics in general?


Loves2Spooge: “IMO no patch. The male brain has no end to depravity. I know I have one, still, no patch.

Me: Your off the wall humor made me really laugh.  The name contradictory to the statement is hilarious.

ex: “I download the patches mostly cause they don’t actually show any detail (it’s like a doll) but it’s better then the stupid blur. Esp when they are on the toilet and still in clothes and all blured. It’s gets annoying to see giant pixeled sims all the time when they aren’t even out of their clothes. Plus the patch isn’t like the wacky people who actually download the porn like skins to make them more realistic. It’s just getting rid of an obnoxious blur that really isn’t covering anything all that revealing. It’s no worse then Ken and Barbie.

Me: ex, your comment is the starting point that made me realize the multitude of angles about the subject.  When you remove the censor bars all that is left are the curves of the human anatomy without the detail.  Toys like Ken and Barbie receive a degree of scrutiny from the public, but are quickly dismissed.  Maybe something as simple as portraying the shapes of the human body are not nearly as bad as people push it to be, and maybe we ought to take a moment to consider what is deemed natural in comparison to pornographic.

Don: “The fact that every freaking PC game gets a nude patch proves that a lot of people desire “adult” themes in games. We have nudity in movies. What’s the difference?

Me: I agree that sex and nudity is more accepted in film over video games, but you will not find intense sex scenes in films below a R rating.  The Sims would fall somewhere in the PG or PG13 rating category.  On the other hand, you raise some serious questions about the general public’s perception of sex in the media.  Something people are curious about but are still shunned in mass media.

Furiant: “I love how people self-righteously complain about the nude patches, claiming that the folks who want them must be aberrant or sick, when they are the ones calling the nude human form – the most natural possible state – “dirty”. Who are the disturbed ones here? People who want to enhance their immersion by viewing their characters in their natural state, or those who consider the human form itself some kind of sinful horror? Maybe your therapist can help you with this, but debasing others on the comments section won’t.

Me: Furiant, your response raises issues that extend past people’s thoughts about a nudity patch for the Sims.  The human body is a wonderful and natural thing, but is it something our culture can one day soon recognize in video games?  Kim Swift’s debacle with Valve would suggest otherwise.  But on the other hand, art, dance and literature portray the human body as you see it, nakedness is an artistic expression.  Maybe the Sims nudity patch is a push for maturity within our culture’s sex depravity.  As ex put it, ‘It’s no worse then Ken and Barbie.’


NudeSimsFTW: “I am glad there is the censor patch, the blur is there because if it wasn’t, no one could buy the game for their kids and their would be an uproar in the media and a newspaper front page that says ”Nude Sims ruin child’s life”, ”Porn found in game”.

Lucian Dragos: “True… its really sad how simple nudity is looked on as something pornographic today… the media has such a narrow mind and are so overly conservative that anything that is a little “indecent” in there eyes sets them off like a block of religious dogma C4…”

Me: NudeSimsFTW and Lucian Dragos you both point out an interesting topic that enhances the argument further.  A topic as simple, yet controversial as this, the media would gobble it up quickly generating a ton of buzz about the wholesome portrayal of the Sims gone dirty.

It is amazing how something as simple as a nude patch can create such a huge stir.  Maybe that says something about our perceptions in general.  Where does the boundary lie between pornographic and natural form?  Do video games lack the maturity to portray sex and nudity in a manner that is natural?  After all, literature and art can easily get away with it.  As you can see, this is a very wide ranging topic that can go on endlessly, but this is what makes it so interesting.  As a result, thank you all for your responses, and I can’t wait to hear from more of you in the near future.

  1. The way I see it, the game already incorporates sims having sex, right? I’m not trying to make the slippery slope argument of “well, you might as well just show everything”, but it’s funny that, as NudeSimsFTW put it, the media would probably go nuts if showing nudity was the default option of the game, when the game already portrays people having sex – a concept that most parents don’t even like their kids to KNOW about.

  2. The thing with the Sims is, everything has such an innocent air to it. From the “garble speak” voices, to the silly fight scenes, to the rumble-in-the-bed “sex scenes”. A nude patch just seems so sad and unnecessary.
    Do we watch Disney films such as Cinderella and ask why her and prince charming don’t get it on?

  3. Chris, your response to Loves2Spooge’s comment was the same one I made right after his original comment! Great minds think alike, apparently.

  4. avatar maxon

    This seems to be more of an issue in America than anywhere else. Certainly in Europe it is a non-issue but then we don’t equate nakedness with sex. The blur is annoying.

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