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After E3, many of us are excited to see the finished products of many of the unbelievable games that were shown on the show floor, behind closed doors and press conferences. I know for sure that around my house one game in particular has been getting alot of attention and play time. Turns out this game is already out and could be described as the gateway drug into gaming. Peggle fever has arrived.

Peggle is one of those games that is great to run in the background when you’re supposed to be working or studying. Upon returning home last Friday I was surprised to see that I could hear the overly loud hum of the Xbox fans and clicking of control sticks. My mum, brother and sister were all sitting starting like zombies at the screen.

After watching a few rounds it was interesting to see progressions of learning how to play to strategic plans such as leaving orange pegs at easy to hit places to maximize score and 100% a level to high score comparisons. As ball after ball ricocheted on blue pegs, purple pegs and green pegs it left me thinking ‘’ what makes Peggle so hellishly addictive and reachable?”


Breakout is one of the most simple and compelling games out there. Simple as deflecting ball into other blocks in order to clear a level is so simple yet so addictive that it became one of the go-to games on my old 20gig iPod, it then made its way in the form of stylized flash games that I could hide in my browser. It follows the same basic concept of Peggle, release the ball and watch.

Peggle even takes out the ‘’hard work” of aligning up your bat at the bottom of the screen to hit the ball back. It’s these simple fundamentals of Peggle that make it so accessible. What’s not to like about turning a pipe, pressing a button and watching pretty colors flash across the screen. It’s here that Peggle sinks its second hook into gamers.


Positive reinforcement. Far too many games these days are bashing on players with some insanely difficult sections which either results in loosing hours of hard work or taunting gamers with old World War quotes. Oh no, not Peggle. If you miss everything, not even sinking that little ball into the ‘catcher’ it’s ok! The national bank of Pegtropolis will refund your ball (usually) and send back you on your merry way of peg hitting.

Fireworks, explosions and a fake crowd egging your especially close shots all makes Peggle feel like a feel good Disney movie from back when you were a kid. When a non-gamer hears and sees these things without doing much at all it pushes them further on to try and hit every last peg and get every bonus from a board before moving on.

Peggle in a lot of ways is a gateway drug for non gamers caring about high scores and earning bragging rights to compare with their friends, both online and offline. Watching my mum and sister get frustrated when they completed a level with only 2 blue pegs remaining was interesting, when I asked them ‘’What?, you won though”

‘’Yeah but I still had more points to get and I almost had a high score”

It was there that Peggle, like a Trojan horse had snuck past the gates of Scene It?, Wii Fit and Uno and had infiltrated the hardcore gamer hiding inside us all.

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