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Most recently Nintendo have started a new trend, they call it: New Play Control! This is where they take a GameCube game, strip it down and re configure it to the Wii-mote and the such, and so far it’s working pretty well.

We’ve already received wicked reincarnations of Pikmin and Pikmin 2, the two Metroid Prime games on the GC, and a few others. Truth be told the GameCube didn’t do fantastically, especially when competing with the powerhouse that was the PS2, and Nintendo can use these games as a way to promote the less loved games of that generation.

I’ve compiled a little list of 7 games that I would love to see come to the Wii as part of this awesome series. Hit the jump to check it out!

Number 7: f-zero gx


As far as I’m concerned it’s disgusting that we haven’t received an F-Zero game on the Wii yet. 2 and a half years and the only time we get to see Captain Falcon is in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Although F-Zero GX is an extremely fast paced racing game, even being one to match the likes of Wipeout, I still think it would work great with Wii controls.

Using the remote on its side to steer (obviously) you could navigate the tight corners of Big Blue with the greatest of ease, even more so with the Motion-Plus attachment. But wait, there’s more! Instead of having to hit Z on that dusty old GameCube controller to do your funky spin attack thing, you could just give the Wii-Mote a little shake, just like this *shake*; that wasn’t so difficult was it? Using the 1 and 2 buttons to accelerate and brake, the game would make an excellent addition to the pile of Wii games on my shelf. Don’t you think?

Number 6: Star fox: Assault


I have a few reasons for this. My first one would be that the Star Fox series is fantastic, and Nintendo don’t milk it like they should. My second reason is that we’re not getting a Star Fox game on the Wii, this has been confirmed already; leading to my speculation that it could be years before we get to play as Fox McCloud again, and years before we get to scream at Slippy in frustration.

Aerial games on the Wii haven’t been done badly so far; using the Wii-Mote and Nunchuck as flight sticks to control your ship, it’s a pretty solid control scheme. This could work really well with Star Fox, depending on how much development and time they put into it, it could either go horribly wrong, or amazingly fantastic. While using the controllers as flight sticks you could use the analogue stick to aim your cross-hair and shoot down Slippy for being annoying. Shooting could be done using the A button with bombs being launched via the B trigger. It could so work!

number 5: luigi’s mansion


That’s not a Wii-mote in your hand, that’s a Polturgust. Luigi’s Mansion was awesome, there’s no other way to describe it. Unfortunately the story doesn’t really allow for a sequel to be created, so why not bring the GameCube version over to the Wii? Luigi always gets beaten by Mario, and even in Super Mario Galaxy he was shown up as a bumbling fool. Well it’s time for him to retake the spotlight!

Imagine being able to control your Flashlight/Polturgust with the Wii-Mote/Nunchuck. Sure it could take a lot of fiddling around with the game to get it right, but if they did it could rejuvenate the game. Luigi’s Mansion is very under-appreciated; and bringing it to the Wii could suck gamers into the mansion for some ghost filled fun once more. They made Ghostbusters work didn’t they?

number 4: Super mario sunshine


Mario Sunshine could essentially work in the same way Galaxy did, A to jump, and the analogue stick to run the fat plumber around the place. You could also use Wii-mote to point and direct F.L.U.D.D to unleash watery terror upon Delfino Island with a click of the trigger button on the bottom of the remote. It could be super really fun as far as I’m concerned, there could even be an oversized, useless plastic F.L.U.D.D accessory for your Wii-Mote!

I always viewed Super Mario Sunshine as one of the best games on the GameCube, others may disagree due to the whole “F.L.U.D.D/cleaning up the island stuff” but I thought it was a fresh and new way to take the series. The game was colourful, fun and had a ridable Yoshi in 3D who changed colours by eating fruit. That was just damn cool. Come on Nintendo, bring Sunshine to the Wii!

number 3: the legend of zelda: the wind waker


The Wind Waker is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Zelda games ever made. It’s got fantastic gameplay, an interesting story and buckets of style. Twilight Princess worked great on the Wii with the waggle controls and I’ve always wondered what some of the other Zelda games might play like using the same system; the first that came to mind was the Wind Waker.

You could use the same control system as Twilight Princess, using the Wii-Mote to point your arrows/hook-shot and a waggle for the sword. But I also thought it might be cool if you could use the Wii-Mote as a conductor, to perform your songs on the Wind Waker stick thing itself. If done correctly it could be pretty cool; or maybe I just want to play through the Wind Waker again. Who knows?

number 2: mario golf: toadstool tour


Let’s be brutally honest, the Wii and golf games go together like jam and ladies, they’re perfect for each other! Ever since December 2006 I’ve wanted a Mario Golf game for the Wii, the N64, GameCube and GBA versions we’re all amazing games. 3 years later and I still don’t have one, what the hell is going on? Nintendo threw Mario Power Tennis in my face when they released it as a New Play Control! game, so why not golf?

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is the pinnacle of Mario Golf games, granted there aren’t that many of them, but it’s still a barrel of fun to play. Controlling it would be simple, just use the same control scheme as the golf on Wii Sports and you’re good to go! The transfer is way too simple to not do, so Nintendo need to get off their asses making heart monitors and put out some damn games!

number 1: killer 7


Okay, I know that I said the Wii was perfect for golf games, but there is a genre that fits the Wii even better than that; on rails shooters. The console is essentially a Time Crisis arcade booth in your living room, as it takes to on rails shooters like a pig to mud. Games like House of The Dead, Dead Space Extraction and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles are all great on the Wii. However there is one game that takes on rails to a whole new level, that game is Killer 7. Sure it’s not a GameCube exclusive, but who gives a damn with a game this good!

Run using the analogue stick and use either the C or Z buttons to switch to the first person mode needed to shoot the fuck out of the Heaven Smiles you come across, exploding them in great fountains of blood. Killer 7 was one of the most stylish, fun, and intriguing games of the last generation, due to it’s great gameplay and cunning puzzles; porting it to the Wii could be one of the best decisions Nintendo ever made, not to mention the Wii needs more 18+ games for the hardcore. All it takes is a little persuasion towards Capcom and Killer 7 will be ours once again!

So that’s my list, agree or disagree, I don’t care! These are the games I’d like to see make the leap to the current generation. If you disagree feel free to comment and tell me wrong, but you won’t change my mind!

  1. avatar Ian Taylor

    pretty good choice

  2. avatar coolman229

    Awesome list. I’m glad to see that someone else enjoyed Wind Waker, Starfox Assault, and Super Mario Sunshine. And we could totally get Killer 7 on the Wii. Capcom put RE4 on the Wii, right? Killer 7: Wii Edition.

  3. avatar Brooklyn86

    I agree with all those game especially killer 7, it’s my number one favorite cube game of all time.

  4. I’m glad you all agree with the number 1. Killer 7 on the Wii would be amazing.

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