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Its been a little over a week now since E3 officially ended. I am not sure if it was the best event I have ever seen, considering it was my first visit, but I can say that a lot of effort was put forth by every company to impress everyone on the show floor.

There were hundreds of HD TVs hooked up to some of the hottest games in extremely overdecorated booths. Now that I finally got the bags out of my eyes, and clarity has been restored, its time to put down my experience on the good ole e-paper.

Its hard for me to find a place to start. I was able to meet some of the finest writers on the website in person, and getting to talk about what excites them and the games they loved and hated was phenomenal.

We argued about the merits of Devil May Cry vs God of War, partied at Destructoid’s crazy karaoke party, and took advantage of our gullibility more than once. We were instantly brothers and I can’t express my appreciation enough for the opportunity to have met and worked with them in person. Now, onto the show!

My initial reactions with the show were born from Nintendo’s press conference. We weren’t able to get into Microsoft’s (boo) but we ninja-ed our way into the Nokia Theater and watched Nintendo’s conference on a ginormous screen. Thanks to the mediocre announcements, I was more impressed with the ginourmous screen than anything else.

They went through their vitality sensors and Mario trailers, but they didn’t show anything that kept me off my feet. Of course, like everyone else, I was blown away by the awesome Metroid trailer, but that wasn’t enough to keep them from looking like casual predators.

Even Iwata’s speech was geared towards creating games that “everyone” can play. It’s obvious that Nintendo is so far gone into making games for the “maybes” that we may never get the old company back. Perhaps that is a good thing.

Sony’s press conference was a different kind of monster. After making a mad dash for seats (ending up on the third floor) we were treated to a parade of game demos and trailers. The most notable were The Last Guardian and Modnation Racers because these two games could push the PS3 to the top, in terms of exclusive titles.

The demo for the motion controllers was impressive, until we saw project Natal later, and my dreams of finally getting to wield my own virtual sword and shields were coming to fruition before my eyes. After the conference was over we were treated to free food and drink. It was obvious that Sony was making sure everything impressed.

Its hard to sum up the three days on the show floor with two paragraphs, so I won’t. Apart from being blown away by the sheer size of everything, the worst part was realizing that I wasn’t going to get to play everything.  Making sure to spend enough time with each game forced me to drop some of the games I wanted to play for myself.

Yet, it was still some of the most fun I have ever had in my life. Here is a quick list I touched base with: Persona, Sin and Punishment 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Raving Rabbids Go Home, Darksiders, Uncharted 2′s multiplayer, Saw, and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Most of the games were stellar but I was most impressed with Silent Hill.

Climax is taking a big risk by removing the combat, but they may revitalize the franchise. The game is one of the best looking things to happen to the Wii (that includes The Conduit) and their psychology profile is finally going to give the series some replay value.  I wasn’t able to get any of the story yet, so we will have to wait and see if they can finish strong.

Now, I am sure that someone out there will laugh when they read this, but I really enjoyed playing Saw. It wasn’t because the game was polished or terrifying, but they were able to bring the spirit of Jigsaw’s puzzles into the game. The first portion of the demo forced me to close bathroom doors and use the adjacent mirror to line up the combination for a lock on the door. However, It tapered off after that with sloppy combat and horrible voice acting.

The entire show was fantastic, but the best part is that I grew from the experience. I realized, in order to achieve my goals, I must work harder than ever at becoming a better journalist. So, I raise my glass…well, my Styrofoam cup, at a job well done by the E3 convention crew and to my co-workers, peers, and friends that attended the show with me. I hope that we will be able to do it again in the future and that, hopefully, more of us will be able to go and revel in the marvelous medium that is the video game.

  1. It was a blast being at E3 with everyone who went. Chase, you did an excellent job.

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