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After the string of controversy and burning effigies* that surrounded the much maligned StarForce, many would be surprised to hear that they are actually still in business. Like some kind of undead creature, the silver bullets of mass developer desertion only seemed to wound them, and thus they have resurfaced from the dust and expressed a possible resurgence in an interview with Gamasutra.

Promising a much more “user friendly” product, StarForce defend their original tactics of draconian control and deep system access as “the only way to prevent hackers and emulators”. At one point, they even claim to uphold the Gamer Bill of Rights. Hilarious.

In any case, its an interesting look into the mind of what many gamers would consider an enemy. The arrogance doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere though…

*Burning effigies may or may not have actually existed.

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