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Fans anticipating the release of the Starcraft 2 beta have identified that a minor change has occured within their profiles. A small icon reading “SC2 Beta” has appeared, and the “Beta Profile Settings” text has changed to bright green.

Many speculate that the beta is set to launch early next week, but Blizzard has yet to confirm a release date. Furthermore, it is unknow what exactly this icon represents – it could be nothing, or it could be confirmation of one’s admission.

If you opted in, check your account to see if the icon appears for you as well. Let us know in the comments.

  1. avatar AoH[PeNguiN]

    yea i saw this too just now i thought it would come out soon idk

  2. I have it in my profile I hope it means we are in :)

  3. Haha yea, I hope so! It’s in mine as well.

  4. avatar Bryan

    Yeah checked and it is on mine as well.

  5. avatar Connor

    Well I haven’t got it, but I’m on Europe so …

  6. I have it in mine as well. This is a most glorious day.

  7. avatar FlamingTP

    I’ve got it

  8. avatar Elendillion

    oh… the SC beta appears at my account.. what does it means…

    huh I want to play SC so bad XP

  9. avatar JDGrady

    Just had a friend who IS NOT opted in for the beta check, and the icon appears on his as well, sugesting that the icon is mearly an indicator of what betas are upcomming

  10. avatar jared

    My acount has one to I think its showing that the SC2 beta is coming soon

  11. avatar Jhonny

    Even Before I Added A Game Or Opted In I Had That Icon, I Hope It Means The Beta Is Coming Soon Though.

  12. avatar Euler

    I’got it on each account and i’m EU

  13. avatar anton

    yea i got it now i hope i get in

  14. avatar GAC

    i have it too hopefully it means that the beta is coming soon it might even mean that every1 who has a profile will get to try it but from every1 elses ideas i doubt it is confirmation u will get it and of course it could mean nothing at all…

  15. avatar Anonymous

    i got that and a diablo3 beta icon today

  16. avatar anonymous


    bulllll shittttttttt

    no d3 beta icon fool.

  17. avatar Kevv2

    i have made a new account and its in it, its general

  18. avatar rofl


  19. avatar Naabskskt
    And they will be sending out beta invites in waves…

  20. avatar jeremy

    nah i got it and 2 weeks after beta is out crap all

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