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An interesting new addition to the PSN is set to materalise tomorrow in the form of VidZone, a new music video streaming service exclusive to European territories. Once launched, it will arrive pre-packaged with a strong wealth of content, with a reported 10,000 videos available to view. These videos can also be arranged into custom playlists for ease of use.

After a simple download from the Playstation Store, VidZone will sit neatly at the top of the music category within the PS3‘s integral XMB menu. With several major and independent record companies in tow (including Sony BMG, would you believe), VidZone’s seeds are soon to be planted and can only grow from here. Let’s just hope it grows a trifle faster than Home.

Source: Gamespot

  1. I really like the look of this. As long as it’s not clogged up with throwaway pop videos then it could be good.

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