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Despite the success and revitalization of E3 this year, the first half of 2009 has been rather rough for the gaming industry. There will be no breath of fresh air from the month of May either, as it is slated to see a double digit drop in year to year sales.

This will be the third month in a row such a decline has occurred.  In March, year to year sales dropped 17 % while April saw a decline of 23%.  It looks as if May will be no different.  The NPD Group is predicting May sales to be around $457 million, a 15% drop from the previous year.

Analysts still claim that this decrease is not due to the recession but because of the strong 2008 lineup.  The release of Grand Theft Auto IV and Wii Fit last year makes for a pretty high bar to beat.

Source: GamaSutra

  1. I bet Gamestop’s didn’t.

  2. Used games are doing really well… apparently the difference between a $60 brand new game and a $55 used game is worth supporting a “store” instead of an “industry.”

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