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There was one surprise announcement that was missing from Sony’s E3 Press Conference, and that was the announcement of a new Jak and Daxter game. A little bit of investigating, and some help from Google Translator has confirmed that there is some sort of title in the works.

Hit the break, and we’ll list out the details we’ve confirmed just for you!

  • Naughty Dog is begining preliminary work on a Jak and Daxter title they’ll work on full force after Uncharted 2 is finished.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe is the branch that dropped the information.
  • Certain representatives say that it’ll only be available on the PS2 and PSP.
  • The title for the game is “Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier”.

That’s what we’ve got so far, and no real world to pass on to you. It is a big game announcement, and when it is confirmed we’ll let you know!

Oh, feel free and check out the Google Translated version of PS3Hype for yourself.

  1. avatar A.W.

    um, guys this was announced months ago on ign games.

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