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Who would’ve ever thought that the coffin would be put to rest? Kind of ironic, isn’t it? I’ve gotten two of these coffins, and am honestly not sad to see them go by the wayside. Perhaps this is a sign that they’ve got their hardware issues under control?

Joystiq has reported that you’ll be packing up your RRoD, or E74′d Xbox 360 all by yourself. On the flip side, Microsoft will still be paying for the shipping costs, but you’ll provide the box.

Safely pack it in whatever works, and send it off. Then keep the box they send it back in, you’ll surely need it again!

Source: Joystiq

  1. I still have two of these boxes sitting around the house from my first year of 360 ownership… Thanks, Microsoft! Conversely, I have a launch-day PS2 that works just fine and a NES from the mid-80′s that could still outlast anything Microsoft could throw at me.

  2. avatar k1ckstand

    So sad. It just wouldn’t be that same shipping it off myself. Waiting a few business days for their box and adding to my frustration was so fun…

  3. Pfft. They didn’t even give you a damn box in Australia.

    Just a label to print out. Stingy fuckers.

  4. This is actually old news .-.
    There were talks about them not sending boxes themselves a long time ago..
    It just didn’t actually go in effect until now.

  5. avatar Quraishi

    Looking at the first comment…dude, you right. I still have my NES in my attic and it still works! WTF!

  6. avatar stacy

    how do you make the three rings of death appear?

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