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It’s time to get that rumour wheel spinning again, as hopes for a release of the “PS3 Slim” are ripe once again. This time it is pointing towards two Taiwanese manufacturing companies that have reportedly been awarded contracts to build the new slimline model, with half of the orders going out to the Taiwanese group Foxconn and the other to Pegatron. Even better, it is said that the units are expected to commence shipping in early July in order “to cope with expected summer vacation demands.” Could this mean that the PS3 slim will be officially released this summer?

If there is one thing that has been holding back potential buyers to take the plunge and buy a PS3 it has obviously been the high pricing, so Sony would certainly do well in launching a slimmer, and inevitably cheaper, model before the run up to the all important Christmas holiday season.

Source: Engadget

  1. Make it bigger for all I care just drop the price !

  2. Cheap PS3 plz. I need one, but I have like 2 dollars. Give me a break here, Sony!

  3. I hope Sony releases a PS3 Slim at some point, because I’d like to have a backup of my system in a few years.

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