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If you’re like the rest of us here at GamerLimit, Project Natal absolutely blew your mind. At first it looked gimmicky, but once Milo hit the stage I think the concensus became much more positive. While its retail debut is likely afar off, there are plenty of media assets to enjoy.

Miss the Microsoft Press Conference? This is what we were treated to live, and the video you’ll be watching over and over. If this works the way they showcased it…Microsoft has made leaps in the industry today.

  1. God, that shits on the Wii.

    I bet hardware makers are a bit upset today, especially if this actually works.

  2. avatar lolwut

    can’t keep up microsoft?

  3. I cant see this ever being implemented in a way that succeeds big time.

  4. This will be so expensive… but I need it. Gonna make Tony Hawk Ride look amateurish right off the bat if this is really the next generation of gaming.

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