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Don’t get me wrong, when I see an amazing gameplay video or hear about a sequel to one of my favourite games I tend to salivate, Pavlov’s dog style, at the mere thought of being able to experience a triple A title.

However I am also aware, that even with the most tried and tested formulas there is room for something to go wrong. So while it’s ok to get a little excited, be careful that you don’t find yourself on board the hype train.

With new IPs, the media and gaming community at large rarely get to see anything that the developers and publishers of a game don’t intend us to see. We often hear a bunch of marketing slogans thrown our way with comments like, “deliver a true next gen experience” or “provide a unique and compelling storyline”, being spouted by various representatives of the game.

As much as developers might enjoy their jobs and strive to create an excellent game, they also need their titles to sell in order for them to continue receiving their paychecks. Remember even the coolest sounding idea, such as fighting hordes of mythical beasts in a modern city, can end up playing like Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

Even with big sequels it is impossible to be sure that a title will match up to the success of it’s predecessors. After all there is always an expectation for a sequel to be bigger and better. New features can sometimes become the crux that spoils a game. Example? A game could contain usable vehicles which could slow the pace of a game down or make certain levels a chore to play through.

Alternatively, a new weapon might be unbalanced, meaning that you never want to change away from using it and thus making things feel repetitive. Occasionally you’ll find that part of a reason a game felt so great was because it was fresh, and a sequel will inevitably lose some of that vibe.

Of course we all want as many games as possible to be great, and we can look at the pedigree of a developer and be fairly certain that the game will turn out playable, heck, maybe even brilliant. But to start worshiping a title as the next console messiah is a certain way to find yourself out of pocket and severely disappointed, not to mention looking extremely foolish after mouthing off to all your friends about how great the game was going to be.

So yes, enjoy the new footage of Modern Warfare 2, Heavy Rain, Halo: ODST, and all the other titles that claim superior gaming experiences, but keep Haze and Daikatana and the countless other sub-par titles that looked par-excellence when you first read about them, in the back of your mind.

This warning was brought to you courtesy of Austin Sutton-Jennings.

  1. avatar I think...

    You can pretty much bet all your money on Halo: ODST and MW2 being good. Curbing hype for an untested franchise or developer is fine, but for a proven developer of IW and Bungie’s calibur, in their home franchise, I don’t see the point.

    We know those games are going to be good, might as well be excited about it.

  2. “keep…countless other sub-par titles that looked par-excellence when you first read about them, in the back of your mind.”

    @I think…
    He’s not disputing that they might be quality, he’s just saying don’t give in to the hype train, impulse buy the game, then find out maybe you don’t like it.

  3. Just because RE4 was good didn’t mean RE5 was….

  4. avatar ...

    RE5 was good.

    I understand the dangers of unrestricted hype. But for franchises that are proven from developers that are proven, I don’t see why we can’t be excited about them.

    If you’re excited about Modern Warfare 2, it’s almost a given that it’s not going to disappoint, Infinity Ward has never disappointed. So why not just be excited about a game you’re going to love?

  5. MW was such a good game, that I just don’t see the storyline of MW2 being able to live up to the high expectations placed upon it. If you expect something to be the greatest game of all time, it can never exceed your expectations, then people might feel underwhelmed.

    Also I really didn’t enjoy RE5 as much as the previous titles, and was in fact disappointed, perhaps due to my high expectations.

  6. avatar LJWooly

    Excellent, well-written article. I agreed with all the points presented and would recommend to a friend. 5/5.

  7. avatar dancinghippo

    i know your right but we’re starved for games most of the year i cannae help maself!

  8. avatar WWII

    Haze never looked good and nobody hyped it. Ubisoft was the one saying that SC:Conviction wasn’t possible on the PS3 for that time too. Not even a single PS3 owner cared about Haze after the horrendous port that was the first Rainbow Six Vegas for PS3.

  9. avatar Walrus

    …I hyped Haze. It looked badass. Daikaona not so much for me, but what whatever sinks your battleship. And I totally agree. Especially with what you said about still enjoying the hype, beause you’re right. Hype can be alot of fun but be catious. Oh, and the first poster has been playing too much Soul Calibur lately because its spelled “Caliber.” Project soul still spells it wrong.

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