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If you were to name your top five games on the Nintendo 64, Perfect Dark is more than likely somewhere on that list. Fans felt a defeated when they were told Goldeneye may never see the light of day on our newest consoles, but these latest screens, and details of Perfect Dark for Xbox Live Arcade are enough to make up for any of that.

The game will include the four-player multiplayer you’ve come to expect from the title, along with all the bots you had from the single analog stick days. Although it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the cooperative play is online, the offline is still there. Perhaps the biggest news to reach our ears is something many of us expected, but were not sure would come to fruition.

Whenever you download Perfect Dark for the Xbox 360 in Q4, you’ll have a fully realized online multiplayer component to enjoy, along with polished and somewhat updated graphics.  There is no doubt this will be a top seller.



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