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A Blu-ray disc version of the best selling PSN title PAIN is to be released next week on June 24.

PAIN was a very unique title, previously only available as a download on the PSN, whereby the object was to inflict as much sadistic brutality as possible on a hapless character, by using a slingshot to propel them into various pain inducing objects, such as buildings, cars or even bystanders amongst many other things. Events were subsequently chained together, as you had to keep the momentum up in order to score the most points, so there was also an element of challenge, too. And who could forget those hilariously exaggerated rag doll physics?

Since its initial launch way back in November 2007, PAIN has accumulated a considerable amount of paid for downloadable content, and the disc release fortunately includes every map download that has been released thus far – the Amusement Park, Movie Studio and Sore Spots. In addition, the disc edition will also include a selection of extra characters that were previously available for download, namely Tati, Ginger, Cookie and Ded Baron, along with PAIN labs whereby new developer-created, beta-style levels will be made available for free from Idol Minds on a weekly basis.

PAIN is set to retail for £19.99/€24.99, although a quick search has revealed it is available to preorder from both Amazon and Play for £17.99. For whatever reason, it will also only be available in Europe.

This is an interesting move and an ideal opportunity for anyone that was shy to invest in PAIN before or looking for a reduced bundle of PAIN’s DLC. The question is, will PAIN’s shift to disc format pave the way for any future releases? All bets are on Wipeout HD.

Source: Playstation Blog

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