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The moment that Wii Sports Resort was an announced reality, industry professionals everywhere knew that this title would sell incredibly well for a very, very long time. It should not be any sort of surprise that so many are enjoying the sunny shores of Wii Sports Resort.

When the sequel to the mega-hit launched in Japan on June 25th, it sold over 350,000 copies in just four short days. We can only imagine what it will be like with North American Wii owners line up at the gates to the happiest place on earth.

Grab your sunscreen, because the North American release is happening now.

Source: Famitsu

  1. avatar McSpermie

    why can’t I log in?

  2. As much as I hated Wii Sports; Resort is actually pretty fun.

    We’ll look into it right away

  3. First step – clear your cache if you’re using Firefox; or just switch to Chrome/IE.

  4. avatar McSpermie

    I’m already using Chrome

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