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MGS gamers have been through the saga of Solid Snake and said their farewells at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, but now it’s time for a new hero to step up to the plate. Raiden, the Ninja from MGS4 (and sissy from MGS2); stars in the new Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. But for those who thought it would be exclusive to XBOX 360, a surprise development has occurred.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be coming to XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The fact that the game was only shown at Microsoft’s E3 press conference seems to be redundant; as Konami have already confirmed that the game will be multi-platform:

European Marketing Director for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, Martin Schneider commented:

“The Metal Gear Solid series has always pushed the bar with its cinematic visuals and entertaining story line. Now even more gamers can immerse themselves in the franchise and experience the groundbreaking series as Metal Gear Solid: Rising heads to the platform of their choice.”

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