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Following this year’s E3 event, many were left with mixed emotions about what was revealed at the show. One of the main disputes has been centering around the November release of Left 4 Dead 2, with fans of the first game lining up in their thousands to threaten a boycott of Valve’s sequel, believing the game to be too early in the cycle of the series.

Just as confusion is becoming the main driving force behind the debate, Mega64 have swooped in to unveil the logic AND “development tool” behind the sequel and what many dub to be “Sequelitis”, in general. Hit the jump for the 100% serious clip.

‘Nuff said…?

Source: Mega64 and IGN.

  1. I’m buying it anyway. The thought of chainsawing my iritating friend to death in the seconds before rescue is too good to turn down.

  2. avatar Jack

    Glad to see it’s not only me who thinks Galaxy 2 looks like a lazy sequel…

  3. avatar Cedge

    This is an utterly pathetic attempt at being humorous, or insightful.

    This would have been a dated attempt at game industry humor, back in 1998.

  4. @Jack
    Miyamoto himself has confirmed in various interviews that Galaxy 2 will have “little new to offer”.

  5. I laughed…quite hard. Even my girlfriend thought it was hilarious and she doesn’t even play games.

  6. avatar bob

    i was soo close at wishing L4D 2 for Xmas, but when i tryed the demo it was like the “same old s…” it could just as easy been a freaking expansion pack… im so happy that i told my mate that i didn’t wish for that anyway

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