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Announced yesterday afternoon, Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom 2 is being pushed back to the end of July this year. In what appeared to be a rumor circling around about a release date for June 29, a Twitter update cleared the air about the official release date for MvC2.

MvC2 is not actually coming out on June 29, sorry guys. Not sure where that rumor came from, but it’s going to be closer to the end of July.

Lesson learned, never believe anything circling around on the Internet, or else you’ll get your tiny little rays of hope squashed by the darkness of rumor central; you may just have to deal with that.

In a some what related matter, PC fans are finally going to get their taste of Street Fighter 4 in less than two weeks.  U.S. release is July 7, Europe’s release is July 3, and Australia will see the game on July 2.

Source: Twitter

  1. Wow, that was a pretty late response to a rumor that was widely popular a few months ago.

  2. To be honest, it seemed like it was a pretty sudden release date from the announcement time. Also, since the ‘part 1′ trailer just came out a few days ago, I had my doubts about the release date. Oh well.

  3. avatar keith

    thats some bullshit

  4. avatar alex

    thats bullshit, i had my psn card ready to download this game tommarow, if it doesnt come out tommarow, i guess ill waste it on ff7

  5. avatar Ferahtsu

    Makes no sense to postpone the re-release of a game that was made over nine years ago.

  6. avatar piss off

    thats gay i was getting my hopes up for tomorrow for it to come out

  7. avatar HaZe

    they knew what they were doing. spark buzz. postpone

  8. avatar bs

    wtf i was really ready 2 play 2day been
    waiting forever for new challangers

  9. avatar wtf

    it now comes out on July 22. Why does it take so long to re-release a game (which has been out for 9 years) when you’re not really changing much?

  10. avatar bullshit

    thats fckn bs capcom had 2 kno about the release date thats been said june 29th for several months already thosefuker pushed it bck 4 no reason at all shit i jus think thats jus str8t fckd up of them n they can kiss my ass untill they get there shit str8t , im sure i can speak 4 every1 that was waitn till this day 2 play the game n now capcom wants 2 say they neveer heard of that day n its untill end of july??? fuk tht bs CAPCOM THE GAME HAS BEEN OUT FOR YEARS IT IS NOT A FUKN NEW GAME, wats difference does it make if ya release it 2day rather the end of july?? shit every1 thts mad cuz wev been lied 2 will b alil more happyer but untill then, capcom ya fukn suck for post poneing the damn game, get ya shit correct n hopefully ya make somethin new with this extra month u got all us waitn…. ASS

  11. avatar jade b

    okay so they wait till the very last minute to tell us that,like a bunch of idiots way to be duochebags and the least u could do is give people on xbox 360 a demo, its really unfair ps3 people get a demo and xbox people dont, whats up with that

  12. avatar ill b

    actually to get it correct marvel vs capcom is being released in semptember not coming out in june or july as planned im bummer to but its true

  13. avatar MeGaTRoN o O

    All You Niggas is Bitchin bout the game comin out but you niggas suck … Holla At Mee NUBES .. DONT BITCH OUT …. Gamertag – MeGaTRoN o O … Oh Yea FUCK PLAYSTATION

  14. avatar Shadow102089

    I’m upset the game didn’t come out the 29th. Whoever just said the game is being released in September should be quiet. I don’t feel like hearing anymore rumors. Just go with what Capcom said and wait for the end of July. Still makes you wonder how the demo of a made game is released months before the actual game. Are they trying to create more hype for the game?

  15. avatar JacobRadio

    I am burnt about this too… I even wrote Capcom about this, as well as the fan need for a MVC3. They actually responded and told me that they want to make MVC3, but the ball is in Marvels court, now. I sent Marvel an e-mail too. No response.

    But I had to comment on Captain BadGrammer, up there. Who put his name as “bullshit”. Man… you should go to;

    That was the worst paragraph I’ve ever read in my life. To those of you ‘outsiders’ who may read that guys post, don’t lump every gamers’ intelligence in with that guys. Most gamers I come in contact with are actually very smart and are capable of putting together a prepositional phrase. Not trying to be a grammar Nazi, but dear Lord… That was painful.

  16. avatar kill4Food

    i just visit the playstation network and it say at the right side where all the info say it release in august 2009 so yea …..

  17. avatar Rorry Breaker

    It sucks . you think they would want to get it out before kof 13 , tekken 6, and the new samurai showdown. And I have said it a million times they should just make a mvc style game with just capcom charectors . trust me they have enough charectors. that is if marvel wont do anything.

    Oh and if anyone feels the need to get there arse whipped Rorry Breaker on x box live SF4

  18. avatar ill b

    shadow you dont know nothing ok it is going to be released mid semtember the release date from all the game stores that received this delay from capcom so if you dont know what you talking bout the the fuck up

  19. Wow JacobGamer you want to talk about people’s grammer, yet you forget to put your apostrophe at the end of guys -_-

  20. avatar 973

    don’t they already have a mvc3 if you go on youtube it looks like it was released in japan or where ever but it was made for the computer. it looks bad ass too.

  21. avatar Albert

    Damnit……God Damnit. I have been sitting around all day waiting for that fuckng game. Thats bullshit. And fuck you capcom.

  22. avatar Sean T

    Excellent work TrueGamer. You are officially a massive faggot.

  23. avatar Michael

    973, don’t get your hopes up man. it was probably some guys mugen. capcom had just gotten rights back, and i don’t think it’s been enough time to have produced a satisfactory 3rd part yet. but i look forward to one in the future though.
    ill b: mid september? game stores that received this delay? you realize this is a arcade and network release right? what the fuck do game stores have to do with it. like shadow said, stop spreading rumors cuz it’s not helping. give a link with some viable proof and maybe we’ll believe you. otherwise, i’d take shadow’s advice and stick to what CAPCOM SAID THEMSELVES – closer to the end of july.

  24. avatar ???

    I am hearing all these damn things about
    MvC2 being released on the 29th of june (false)
    MvC2 being released on the 22nd of July…….
    MvC2 being released on the 1st of July now this interested me after i was told that MvC2 was being released on the 22nd i just couldnt believe it so i kept lookin around and i found an iteresting web site it says that MvC2 is being released on the Live arcade july first (i know we are past this) i called
    microsoft they said “it is being worked on as we wait”!
    I couldnt believe it so i wouldnt plan on waiting for July 22nd

  25. avatar MAILO


  26. avatar 973

    well i did some researching and i found this idk if its real but you guys cheack it out and give some feed back but capcom utility actually wrote a note on this web site

  27. avatar 973 thats what i found write back please someone tell us this shit is true and not more bullshit.. check out what capcom utility had to say… hope i help alil guys…

  28. You guys should register and post your PSN/Live tags, so when the game comes out we can all play.

  29. avatar XnakedgirX

    bullshit i know how you feel, jacob radio shut the hell up the guy is upset about the delay so give him some slack, i’m upset about it too and you know what? fuck you capcom the game never came out on the 22nd so if it doesnt come out on the 29th i wont be buying it, instead i’ll buy the next king of fighter game

  30. avatar this is everything? wow this is funny

    dan kuso

  31. avatar cell jr.

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  32. avatar Buhle

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  33. avatar Eddie Morath

    Not clear on what you might have in mind, Laila. Can you give us some more information?

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