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Those hoping to download and get stuck into the Lost Planet 2 demo that was rumored to be arriving around E3 time will be no doubt still feeling a little disappointed by its total no-show. If you are one of these people, Capcom could be about to try and ease your pain by finally releasing a demo that could include 4-player co-op. Or…¬†could they?

During an appearance on Famitsu’s “Midnight Live 360,” producer Jun Takeuchi was asked when the demo would arrive, to which he casually responded: “soon, I guess.”

Takeuchi also showed off a few new features during the Famitsu program, including computer-controlled bots, custom weapon sets and character customization, although the contents of the Xbox LIVE demo are as yet unclear.

One can only revel at the absolutely cool-as-a-cucumber response from Takeuchi, which should send a message out to the entire gaming public: stop being on edge, begging for that next hit; just chill and let the good times roll. That’s my take on it, anyway. I guess.

Source: Joystiq

  1. avatar Lan

    I’ve only tried the 3ds (at a game stop) and i had the thing like way away from my face and i felt sick to my stomach stairng at the 3d screen. I can understand 3D for movies. But everything just becoming 3d is just a tad bit insane. All these new consoles are being made and it sucks for the people who cannot keep up with these pricey Items. Its sad. I just wish they would give more of a variety with the consoles they put the games on.

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