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If today’s announcement of a Metal Gear Solid game for the Xbox 360 was too much to take, be prepared for yet more from the industrious mind of Hideo Kojima. The teaser site that we previously reported on (here, here and here!) went from pouring rain to sunshine recently – with a link to a mysterious masked site somewhere in there too. It’s safe to say that it was all a little too much to decipher, but now it looks as though Kojima is trying to send a message out regarding the rest of E3.

By returning to the teaser site, you’ll notice a beaten up concrete wall with the logo for the Xbox 360′s Metal Gear Solid: Rising to the bottom left. Now, above and to the right of this logo is some telling empty space.

What could be next? Is the mysterious figure of “8″ that was seen earlier today related to the shape of the PSP Go!? Or are we about to see a PlayStation 3 title announced? Judging by the empty space, it could be both.

Stick with us here at Gamer Limit for the rest of E3 and beyond!

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