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Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the LimitCast. On this somewhat quiet Friday as gamers and bloggers board their planes back to the motherland, we thought we’d give you something to enjoy listening to. Join Steve, Paul, Clance as we discuss the latest happenings coming out of E3 2009. Also, we have a guest and friend of the site Mr. Rob Pimentel who joins our panel throughout the show.

We obviously go indepth about Project Natal, and discuss whether or not our predictions were correct. Paul Clark lost out, a lot. Clance shared his love for Kojima, I proclaimed some extreme Microsoft fanboyism, and Rob was a good guest who avoided extreme opinions like the rest of us.

Also, allow me to plug my good friend Rob’s movie he had to create before graduating film school a few weeks ago entitled “Space Opera”.  Click here, and enjoy a great ride!


Download it here.

  1. avatar Jack

    Nice roundup, guys. Sony’s conference was great, but Milo pushed Microsoft’s into first place for me. Now if only we’d seen some Crackdown 2 gameplay…

  2. I really enjoyed recording this! Thanks guys :o )

    I must stop listening back to what I lived through!

  3. Jack, you’re such a fanboy ;p

  4. avatar Jack

    Hey, at least I didn’t pick Nintendo, however much I may have wanted to…

  5. True… true. They did have a good showing though, I think.

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