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This was certianly a shocker, wasn’t it? With A.I. Director 2.0 and a brand new cast of survivors, Left 4 Dead 2 looks to have some interesting new gameplay. Not only will the normal weapons return, but melee weapons will become a major part of this latest from Valve.

November 17th can’t come soon enough, but for now let’s enjoy the brand new trailer, shall we?

  1. Feels like I just purchased Left4Dead and the sequel is already set to release in November… Awesome.

  2. Shit, what did they instantly start production on L4D2 as soon as #1 hit the shelves?

  3. They were likely working on Left 4 Dead 2 long before the original was even released. Hell, the first game was in the “final polishing” stages for a good year or so.

  4. Agreed, tis a bit soon.
    Hopefully it somehow connects to the first so the multiplayer doesn’t get killed.

  5. avatar banana

    wheres video?

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