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In a move that just seems right somehow, Sony has announced that God of War star Kratos will be bringing his famously cheery disposition to the PSP fighter Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, due out this summer. “Constant consultation” between the franchise devs at Sony and Namco Bandai’s Project Soul team has resulted in their managing to “really nail down Kratos” according to God of War III director Stig Assmusen.

Kratos-lovers should note that the glowering god will feature a moveset and assets drawn from God of War II rather than the upcoming sequel. Not that it matters, because now we can see who’s got the better chain-linked blades: Kratos or Ivy. Continue reading for the trailer.

  1. Yeah, I saw this at E3. Too bad the bastard wasn’t playable because this game is very well done. Plays like Soul Calibur IV, easy access for beginners, and its goddamn PORTABLE. Now I get to murder-punch Taki over and over and over with Kratos, all while I make my commute to work!

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