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Hideo Kojima has been a busy bee at this year’s E3, hasn’t he? First of all, he shocked the world with the announcement that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be available on the Xbox 360, then he unveiled Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP.

BUT! He wasn’t quite done there. At yesterday’s Konami press conference, Mr. Kojima confirmed that Rising was a multi-platform release and that a new game was in the works: Metal Gear Arcade.

Available in Japan later this year, this coin-op arcade title is the third game announced by Kojima at E3. Although details on it are so far thin on the ground, the title is being planned for release outside of Japan, but exactly when this will happen is unclear.

Much to the dismay of Xbox 360 owners and relief to PS3 ones, Metal Gear Solid Rising is going to not only come to the PlayStation 3, but also the PC, along with the Xbox 360. It is said to be in the hands of a new “young” team.

Oh, and that teaser? The one with the thunder and lightning and rain and then sunshine and conspiracy theories? Apparently, it was all to do with the current economic situation. The entertainment business will be the force that will make things OK and “clear up the storm”. Yeah, we knew that.

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