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While the evolution of motion control is being met globally with a healthy balance of eager anticipation and exhausted groaning, there will always be something that will make everybody stand up and pay attention.

And so, it is with great pleasure that I present a short clip of some dude with a bad ass mullet showing off what could be a great idea. Hit the jump for the clip.

Basically, this guy has picked up a cheap toy gun, stuck a mouse to the top, wired in a controller somewhere or other and attached a tiny LCD screen where the gun’s site would be. He is playing F.E.A.R. (the hardest setting, my I add) on the PC in this video, while walking around his living room.

Please bear in mind that at 36 seconds he officially starts the gun show, while showing us “Game Gun”.

Somebody give this guy a million bucks and the keys to Molyneux’s Jeep, eh?

[Update: "Back because popular demand, Game Gun is back!" - the device has now become wireless and, tragically, the mullet seems to have departed too.]

Source: Kotaku and Youtube

  1. Weirdest. Header. Ever.

  2. That’s actually really innovating. Makes me want to try setting up my own wireless game gun.

  3. I don’t mean to spam, but man the more I watch this makes me want to try this out. I’m looking at the price of some cheap gyration air mouses. $30… hmm

  4. Go for it, Curtis. And let us know what happens!

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