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Some works of art are so amazing, they have to be passed around the internet into oblivion. “Paper Gaiden” is one such masterpiece.

Hit the break for a full size picture of the amazing paper-work.

I think I could honestly beat Ninja Gaiden on “Very Hard” before I could piece together this diorama. For those who have never had the joy of playing Ninja Gaiden 1 on the NES, or the SNES Ninja Gaiden trilogy, check out the following in-game screenshot for a pixelated comparison.




Head over to this link and download the design.

Also, thanks to a tip, we’ve come across the Bionic Commando version:


Source: GamOvr, via Destructoid.

  1. This makes me remember my old grade school dioramas – and weep.

  2. avatar A.W.

    just a tech note… i can’t see any posts below this one. might be my crappy computer, but might be a problem on your end.

  3. avatar tom thub

    cool idea! I remember coming home after school and playing NG II w/ a friend! The soundtracks rock!

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