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Breaking News E3: You are The Rookie, and ODST seperated from your team. With a very similar hud, and weapons, Halo ODST is in a totally different world. The stories will be told in original ways. You’ll flash back to fight from other ODSTs points of view until you solve the mysteries of New Mambasa.

It Launches September 22nd.

  1. avatar devilopaido

    i though is coming today halo 3 odst but tespa is 13 days is coming in 22/9/09 september i found new videos from halo 3 odst and the end 100% real so if you want check this out and the end and if you want just look this is frances but subtitles is english

  2. avatar halo lover

    hope there is a halo 4 so far the halo series has been awesome but i hope ODST is better then 1,2 and 3 combined bungie keep on makeing games like halo and you will have a bigger fan base

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