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Stardock has been kind enough enough to give us a copy of the PC game Demigod to giveaway, to snag it you just have to be the first person to guess all three games from their soundbites.


Do you know what games they are from? Well put your reputation on the line below, a copy of Demigod awaits the victor!

  • Roughly every 24 hours from the post time a new clue will be given.
  • Keep an eye on the twitter for the latest clues.
  • You have to post all three guesses at once, but be careful if you get one wrong someone else could swoop in and steal your correct guesses.
  • Chat doesn’t count as guesses, so feel free to chat below.

Terms and Conditions:
1) No more then three guesses per household.
2) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff
3) Gamer Limit staff & affiliates are not allowed to enter.
3) You must register an account (we need to be able to find your email)
4) This is a digital copy, no box provided.
5) You need a installation of the distribution platform Impulse to be able to receive Demigod.
6) After the winner has been declared it may take a working week before Demigod is added to your Impulse account.

  1. avatar Sylar

    The first one is Final Fantasy VII. The third one may be The Legend Of Zelda? and I dunno the middle one.

  2. First: FF7 (Final Fantasy 7)

    Second: Earthbound

    Third: Star Fox
    Third Second Guess: Legend of zelda

  3. Well you say three per household. Unless of course you meant three as in each soundbite. In which case I respond with a: woops.

  4. Sorry yeah i should clarify, you can have a total of three wrong guesses total.

  5. This sucks. I want this game. And I’m not allowed to enter.

  6. Clue #1
    Soundbite 2 is a quest.

  7. Killzone 2
    Far Cry 2
    MGS: Snake Eater


    Good job I can’t enter this… you’d have all been in BIG trouble.

  8. Clue #2
    Soundbite 3 is a SNES game.

  9. LOL, epic stumping.
    Clue #2
    Soundbite 2 is a Sierra game.

  10. avatar Sylar

    King’s Quest? :P

  11. Te he
    First: FF7 (Final Fantasy 7)

    Second: King’s Quest

    Third: Star Fox

  12. #1: Final Fantasy VII.
    #2: King’s Quest
    #3: Super Metroid

  13. Oh, and Quest for Glory as a second guess for #2.

  14. #1 Final Fantasy VII
    #2 King’s Quest V or VI (two guesses!)
    #3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

    If I suck, I still have one guess left! This one’s way harder than the SOTN or Mega Man 2 one you did last time…

  15. #Clues, slightly different.
    Whoa Cedge you are getting very bloody close, just need the correct number.
    Llama, one of your games is totally wrong ;)

  16. avatar Chris Newman

    1.Final Fantasy 7
    2. Kings Quest V
    3. super metroid

  17. Chris Newman wins :D
    Could you email me your contact details.

  18. avatar Name (Required)

    Weaksauce… I knew I heard it somewhere that wasn’t Zelda. So close!

    You know how many YouTube videos I went through of old King’s Quest games to find sound #3? All of them. And the old ones (1 and 2, at least) had sound that is about as appealing as someone pooping in your ear.

  19. Dammit. So, Newman…would you have gotten it, if I hadn’t given away Super Metroid?

    • avatar Nama

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    • avatar Gabby

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  20. Well, can we at least still look forward to the second Zeno Clash giveaway that was mentioned earlier?

  21. avatar Sylar

    I agree. Can we look forward to It?

    • avatar Latanya

      Wohoo!i just wake up and saw this ,yup they mention about clilhi crab ,i went to their concert yesterday and wt i like the most was yuri said: clilhi crab in singapore was delicious but you guys SONES are much better!! whoot everbody cheers!!

  22. There are a lot more giveaways to come: I believe Zeno Clash is one of them :D

  23. Yup Zeno Clash is coming up :D
    Chris Newman, you still haven’t contacted me, can you do this ASAP.

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