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Sony Santa Monica gave us a live demo of God of War III, and it is quite exciting. The ending of Kratos, Zues, and Greek Mythology as we know it is here.

  • Very quick action, new combat abilities from the previous games.
  • Dark and brooding, just like GoW 3 fans like it!
  • Huge enemies!
  • Riding enemies to reach new destinations.
  • Absolutely HUGE boss battles.
  • Kratos can glide through the air with black wings.
  • Large worlds full of massive detail.
  • Yes, there are Quick Time Events!
  • Brutal executions!
  • Surprises around just every corner in regard to the enemies, and who will attack you from where. You will always be on your toes.
  • Exclusive to PS3!
  1. I need to get into this series badly.

    • avatar Jcx

      If you are into this type of game genre then this collection is a must buy for you. There is so much fun game play in this paakcge and for the price it is selling for, you should not pass it up.You get all the God of War games and game extensions in one bundle. There is one thing though that other reviewers are complaining about that everyone interested should know before purchasing. Within the disc case you get two cd’s that contain, God of War collections 1 and 2, God of War 3 and a download voucher for the God Of War extension games, Chain of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Now, if you have little space on your PS3 drive then you will have to delete some other programs to make room for these huge files and/or if you have a slower internet connection it could take quite some time to download. Just remember, this voucher is time limited .Some gamers with no internet connection obviously would not be able to take advantage of the voucher but, for the price you still get God of War 1-3 which is still a bargain and a lot of fun game play in my eyes you will not be disappointed.Check it out and have FUN!

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