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It wouldn’t be a big show without awards afterward! Gamer Limit has deliberated for hours, and broken down each offering to give you our “best of E3 awards”.

Hop aboard and find out our picks for best overall game, best action game, best RPG, and most fulfilling announcement.

Best Overall Game (Staff Picks):


Chase: Mass Effect 2

This was a tough decision for me because both of Bioware’s titles, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins were showstoppers. However, the Xbox build of Dragon Age was a little underwhelming and the demo we saw for Mass Effect 2 spoke for itself. With an improved combat system, physical interaction in dialogue, an exciting storytelling spin, and the astounding aesthetic polish; Mass Effect 2 gave me raging goosebumps and has me more excited than the next Dancing with the Stars. Keep up the good work Bioware!


Chris Matulich: Dissidia

You may be able to tell by my pick alone, but I figure I should say it now; I’m kind of a Final Fantasy fanboy. But do not let this deter you away from my pick. Although a “fan-service,” Dissidia sported a unique, simple, yet dynamic combat system that blends the best aspects of fighting and action games into one delightful little package. Fluid transition from ground to air combat really sold me, almost bringing Final Fantasy: Advent Children to “life,” with graphics and cinematics that rivaled the best the PS2 has to offer.


Chris Carter: Bayonetta

I felt like it was best-in-show because of how unique it was. I was able to play nearly all the AAA titles on display, and while some were extremely fun, they were all somewhat lacking an original take on the genre. Bayonetta is like Devil May Cry squared. If it takes off, it will completely change the way Eastern developers look at the genre as a whole.

Tim Turi: Bayonetta

I felt this was the best choice because it was the most uniquely stylish, had an original protagonist, and pushed the genre forward technically. I have no idea how the creators thought of Bayonetta (they claim there was no outside influence), but I was really impressed by the original way she carries herself in the game.

Best of Categories


Best RPG Game: Mass Effect 2

The “behind closed doors” presentation of Mass Effect 2 was truly jaw-dropping. BioWare adequately kept the best parts of the original and spliced in some extremely impressive new features, one of which allows the player to become further involved with dialogue choices, which we saw Commander Shepard abruptly ending an interrogation by shoving the man out of a gigantic skyscraper. For Shepard, failure is not an option for his mission to eradicate the Reapers, even though the entire universe, as well as the game itself, expects EPIC FAIL. Mass Effect 2 will provide for an incredibly unique experience, for the path of failure has been written into the trilogy, and will effect how the final installment will play out.


Best Action Game: Bayonetta

Bayonetta stole the show in terms of action because it brought something new to the genre the others didn’t quite have. While other action titles Brutal Legend had a very immersive setting, the mechanics were quite elementary, or didn’t do anything new (God of War III). Bayonetta managed to take the Devil May Cry action template and blow it out of the water with an extremely stylized approach, and fun gameplay.


Best Announcement: Castlevania Lords of Shadow in association with Kojima Productions

One of our childhood titles being re-imagined by one of our favorite game designers is just surreal. Castlevania hasn’t had a “must-have” entry outside of the Gameboy Advance or DS platforms in a long while. Also, Patrick Stewart’s voice in the trailer sent shivers down our spine. Brrrrr.

  1. avatar Alex Vizzini

    I am sorry but I can’t agree with any of your picks. Best Bayonetta? How about Uncharted II or God of War III?

  2. For me, the best announcement was Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

    My reasoning for this is just like Chris. I’m a total fanboy for the series, the fact Big Boss is back is the icing on the stealthy cake.

  3. avatar Dong

    He probably only cares for 360 titles because if it was unbiased I highly doubt bayonetta would win best action game. I never even heard of it before lol.

  4. avatar J-Z

    Bayonetta is for childish teens who get a thrill from checking out the cleavage. The game has pathetic visuals, unrealistic weapons (high heel guns, come on!) a ridiculous premise.

    “… stole the show …” you must be kidding me! The author is a wanna be journalist whilst his mind basks in the days of teen angst.

  5. avatar xbot

    Chris Carter (article’s author) is clearly an xbot like me. He ignored all the best Sony games and picked lame ones in a meager attempt to silence the rise of the Playstation 3.

    That or he is a self-loathing Playstation 3 owner.

  6. avatar smokey_vols

    I don’t see how you could pick anything over Uncharted 2, you must have not of gotten around to playing it at E3 lol.

  7. avatar Bayonetta Fan

    Good to see somebody else recognises a hugely great game in Bayonetta, I was disapointed it did not get as much airtime in E3 as some of the more generic titles and sequels did (yes Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 are just games that have been done before) as it’s a hugely original game and one that is a day one purchase for my PS3.

  8. avatar freitax

    lol bayonetta has never been done before?please… Uncharted 2 generic? have you ever played uncharted? Did you SEE the gameplay footage?that is generic to you?

  9. @ all you PS3 fanboys
    Uncharted 2 was great, don’t get us wrong. It just wasn’t THAT great. It didn’t do anything new from the first one that was worth writing home about. That doesn’t deserve our best of E3 awards. Just because its a high profile game and is SUPPOSED to be the best thing since men discovered the vagina, doesn’t mean it turned out that way.

  10. avatar Major

    Lol, i’m never coming to this site again. How can i take Biased people seriously. Uncharted 2, God of war 3, MAG, GT5 or any of sony’s awesome line-up isn’t mentioned. That to me is just wrong. I agree Mass effect is an awesome game, i own the first and patiently awaithing the second, but comon, Your article is screaming fanboyism. Shame, pure shame.

  11. Oh, and I forgot to say this: God of War III was impressive, it just didn’t blow us out of the water. It wasn’t original, it didn’t look much better than the second one in terms of graphics, and he just doesn’t have guns on his legs. Not to mention Bayonetta was made by the creator of the Devil May Cry series, which, in our opinions, has been the pinnacle of the action genre.

    • avatar Elio

      I don?t even know how I ended up here, but I tohhgut this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!

  12. avatar Puffman

    5 sites i’ve been on, claimed Uncharted 2 was the best game at e3. They Also said GOW3 was amazing and Splinter cell Conviction. Just admit it, your a damn fanboy who should never have gotten the chance to go e3 in the first place. BAYONETTA ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaha. Your Opinion sucks, and thats sad cause it reflects this website.

    • avatar Priscila

      The ziemobs in Uncharted 1 was a little letdown for some. Pay attention to Uncharted 2 for a small hint on the mistep that was taken with the ziemobs in Uncharted 1. It is a little funny when you hear a character talking about it.

  13. avatar Major

    How is bayonetta and mass effect original?
    Mass effect 2 is like mass effect 1, and bayonetta is like devil may cry. So your argument is invalid. You can’t games that are similar to other games, then you have to discount every single game at E3.

  14. avatar RuddigerPez

    @ Christopher
    After reading your posts, you seem a little defensive for a second-rate gaming website author. Is it possible that your taste in games sucks? Except for Mass Effect 2, the games you listed above are maybe sleeper hits, but nowhere near the best E3 had to offer. No I wasn’t there and didn’t play the games (though I have played Uncharted 2 beta…awesome) but you lose all credibility when you say that graphically God of War 3 isn’t much better than God of War 2. That’s something everyone can compare even if they weren’t there and I doubt anyone would agree with you. And what’s with the three randomly chosen categories for “best-of” choices? You seem blind, lazy, and stupid.

    • avatar Tajendra

      dddidpuavy8ball on June 25, 2007 That is some funny shit right there release the buried Tulsan! What condition will he be in pristine, or rusting away? Open im up and see what’s inside!

  15. avatar Anonymous

    I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that bayonetta was the best game there with all the other amazing ps3 and 360 exclusives

  16. avatar Sanzee

    LOL I love how PS3 fans are giving themselves away… “what about GoW III, Uncharted 2, or MAG???” As an Xbox fan, I can say that GoW III and Mass Effect 2 both took the #1 spot and tied for my E3 2009 Game of Show award. I’m being honest, and unbiased. Yes, one of them is for the PS3. That’s b/c I was impressed by it. Dumbass.

    But then again, I sat home and watched on my TV. So, just like you, idiot, I can’t say which one factually won the award. Express your opinion but don’t be a cuntscab and start trying to persuade people. It’s obvious that you’re a complete dumbass. You cuntscab.

  17. avatar Nikki Baby

    i agree with Sanzee. we werent there in person, and don’t try to talk outta ur ass and say you were, so we cant really judge. i agree with the other part too. where everyone here is actin like total kunt scabs. haha. gr8 word. kuntscabs. minus the k. add the c. amen.

  18. avatar Master_one

    @ Major
    Ummm you kinda sound like a PS3 fanboy your self there matey. “Uncharted 2, God of war 3, MAG, GT5 or any of sony’s awesome line-up isn’t mentioned. That to me is just wrong”. It seems wrong cuz your a fanboy. Before I go any further need I remind you that Dissidia is for PSP. Notice how A LOT OF GAMES weren’t mentioned here as well. Notice how there are VERY few categories listed and FOUR staff listing their top pick. Four games were mentioned and out of those four ONE is a xbox360 exclusive. How many games were at e3…HUNDREDS! So they liked Mass effect 2 more than Uncharted 2 go cry about it….oh wait you already did

    @ Gamer Limit
    If your going to have Best of E3 awards add some other categories in here cuz all though I WASN’T THERE I know more then just RPGs and Action games were shown.

  19. @Master
    We decided to only add a few categories because it wouldn’t be fair to rate some games we only had a few minutes with. Remember, we’re not a huge website, so we only sent 5 total reporters to E3. As such, we had to work our way around the horn so to speak, and every game above, we had adequate time to play.

    Now, of course we’re not going to pick your favorite, but I assure you, we didn’t just choose these out of the blue: they were great games. Also, they were all chosen by IGN, 1UP, and Gamespot as runner-ups in the “best of E3″ contest. We weren’t the only ones who liked them.

    As with every “best of”, you’re going to have flames. The funny thing is Chris M. owns, and loves his PS3. God of War III didn’t beat out Bayonetta because it did absolutely nothing different, and even myself, a huge GOW fan, wasn’t “wowed” by the game in any way. The first level was the exact same idea as II (go through a city with a giant attacking you).

    As for Bayonetta, you gotta love the “360 fanboy accusations” by the people who were sitting home on their couch while we were there playing it. Bayonetta is scheduled to be released on the Playstation 3 console as well. Wow, you can’t please everyone!

    • avatar Vilito

      Terrible episode. This podsact has really fallen off as of late. It’s not because Sharkey’s gone it’s just too crazy now. Nobody even knows what was going on this episode. Chris sounded like he was in pain because of how crappy it was; he was pulling teeth. Tina and Alice have never been more annoying as individuals. Combining them on the same show is tumultuous.

  20. How are IGN and Gamespot more credible than Gamer Limit in their opinions of what games they thought we’re the best of E3? That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. Not everyone’s opinions are the same, and seeing as our writers we’re at E3, and you weren’t, I think I’m gonna take their opinion over which games seemed better because they actually got to play them.

    I do not own an XBOX 360, and I still respect their choices because I didn’t play the games, I only saw them so how would I know which ones are actually good? If you wanna know read the impressions and don’t flame people based on pure gaming opinion.

    Bayonetta seems to take the Action game genre to a new level while Uncharted 2 and GoW 3 seem to just be slightly better versions of their previous games; this is all well and good but when it comes to picking an outstanding game Bayonetta is the clear choice; and I’m a massive Sony fan. I refuse to even buy an Xbox, and I can see why Chase picked Mass Effect 2 as his game of E3.

    If you don’t agree with something fine, but do not criticize the writers, the writing or the site because your opinion differs.

  21. avatar DJ8676

    I felt Uncharted 2 was doing quite a few new things with their cover, traversal, more varied animations, substantially improved graphics and physics (helicopter affecting the plants/Drake’s improved hair). The city draw distance was the most impressive thing I saw from a title at E3 and the fact that it’s a console game makes me even more impressed. Possibly best set pieces I’ve seen in a game to date with just the truck from the leaked footage’s beginning and then the building collapse at E3. Impressive cinematic presentation based off their E3 trailer that they have floating around. Closest game I’ve seen to a movie IMO. I’m fine with the pick with Bayonetta for game of the show because that’s what you think, but to say uncharted 2 isn’t raising bars is an understatement. Naughty dog is doing voodoo magic on Playstation 3.

    • avatar Samuel

      dreamchaser01 / @Madwexx I know, which is why it is hard to chose between xbox and PS3. Though now the money I thhogut I was getting (which I was going to use to buy either xbox or ps3) is no longer coming my way so I can’t afford either.

  22. @All the Uncharted 2 lovers
    I actually really enjoyed Uncharted 2. All of us who went to E3 did (in fact, I’m playing the online beta right now). We just felt like “better graphics/physics/drake hair” didn’t quite equate to “a complete change in the genre” (much like God of War III).

    Believe me, I was at the Sony press conference when the Uncharted 2 gameplay video was shown, and it sent chills down my spine. Also, the category choices were chosen by the E3 group as a whole.

  23. avatar Rick Bobby

    It seems hypocritical to say “How are IGN and Gamespot more credible than Gamer Limit in their opinions of what games they thought we’re the best of E3?” then the writers for this site to respond with the “we were at E3 so we know better than you” stance. Personally I don’t care what games you chose, this whole thing seems like a half-assed blog; it’s weird to just pick the action and RPG genres then ignore the rest. Most of the big games like Mass Effect 2, COD6, Uncharted 2, AC2, etc weren’t even playable; so you guys are going by videos just like us. So actually being at E3 doesn’t really mean much, there’s videos for everything that was there and very few of the AAA titles were playable.

    Also, LOL at Bayonetta “pushing the action genre” it’s just DMC with an awful art style and Sarah Palin.

  24. @Rick
    Uncharted 2 was playable, as were most of the big games. Sadly, even though I’d like to think it isn’t true, you guys didn’t get all the videos that we did at E3. Some were behind closed doors (ME2, Bayonetta, Dragon’s Age to name a few), and gave us actual gameplay footage (designers playing the game right in front of us), or alternate levels/designs that haven’t been released to the public yet/are illegal to film. I’m sure these videos will be released in the coming months.

    If I were to add any addendum to our “best of” list, it would be to add a shooter category, that Uncharted 2 would most likely win (since Bayonetta is straight action, and not strictly a shooter). But since we weren’t able to play a myriad of shooters, I didn’t feel it warranted a proper category.

    Also, play Bayonetta when the demo releases.

    • avatar Rogerson

      PatAjax89 / @bail96 you’re right! he could really be a good Drake! If read sorewheme that they wanted Mark Wahlberg, but I think he won’t pull it off! you need someone with adventure in his blood and funny at the same time! maybe Nathan Fillion(Castle) of Michael Weatherly(NCIS)!!!

  25. avatar Master_one

    Any news on when said Bayonetta demo drops? Or will it just be like a week before or after the game comes out?

  26. avatar Magicjohnson

    Somehow mass effect 2 blew you out of the water and did something new but Uncharted 2 didn’t? CO-OP AND MULTIPLAYER! How is that not new? BEST LOOKING GAME EVER MADE? Is that not worthy?

    It was game of the show, and will easily be game of the year. Watch.

    • avatar Ravim

      Great read Pete. That ainimg glitch sounds a bit strange. I thought aspects like these were supposed to improve as the series goes on. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted.

  27. avatar Master_one

    @ MagicJohnson

    CO-OP AND MULTIPLAYER isn’t anything new…they have actually been around for awhile. They are new to uncharted 2 but not to gaming as a whole. Mass effect 2 is doing new things. Don’t get me wrong Uncharted 2 looks sick as hell and makes me want to get a ps3…like now.

    • avatar Anol

      We have an extra long, four day weekend cmiong up due to the spring bank holiday (which would normally have been last weekend) combined with the Queen’s jubilee holiday. For much of the weekend we’ll be running around doing morris dancing and stuff, but there’ll certainly be some gaming squeezed in. The main aim is to introduce the wife to Elder Sign, which I think she’ll like. Other than that, Coloretto and Sleeping Queens are rapidly becoming favourites for my daughter, and I reckon we should be able to fit in some Castle Panic and/or Carcassonne.

    • avatar Rudi

      With all due respect, i know this is your list, but i think if you are going yo put a ten best list of setimhong, you first need to play all the games, and then make the list, like when a reviewer place the top tne movies, it is under the knowladge that he or she did see all the movies of the year, if thats not the case here, then you should tittle the post Emes top ten played games in 2010, because is misleading as it is

    • avatar Archana

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  28. @Magic
    Gears 2 plays the same way, minus jumping, and has coop and multiplayer. Resistance 2 actually has a more in-depth multiplayer than Uncharted 2, and they’re both mission based.

    If the Uncharted 2 coop mode was actually the full, narrated story, and not just segmented missions, then I’d agree with you. But, Gears of War 1 and 2 already did that.

    Uncharted 2 will most likely win game of the year with many major media outlets because it looks great, has a beloved prequel, and caters to a mass audience, plus it finally has multiplayer. Unfortunately, Bayonetta is part of a niche genre, so it won’t get all the attention it deserves upon release: but that doesn’t mean that because it’s niche, it automatically doesn’t deserve “best in show”.

    • avatar Anik

      jimmymate2 / I have to admit, I haven’t played a game from start to fnisih for a few years now, but a couple of weeks ago I was home from work and decided to give this a go.. 2 full afternoons gone, I was totally drawn in by the storyline. This is a must play.. now I have to go and discover multi-player

    • avatar Danilo

      brandonthabunnyboy13 / @copi111 I have to say, as an owner of both systems, the PS3 is beettr. No annoying fees, beettr graphics, and way more exclusives are just a bit of reasons. I mean, sure, my PS3 freezes on semi-rare occasions, but it’s very rare.

  29. avatar Rick Bobby

    @ Chris Carter and Christopher Matulich

    I’m not saying that no big games were playable there, but most of the big games that most people are excited for weren’t; other than GOW3. Was Uncharted 2 singleplayer playable? If it was that’s a big deal, but the multiplayer isn’t; many of us can play that at home.

    My point was to Matulich, he was acting like “We went to E3 so our opinions are better that yours, so STFU.” I don’t have a huge problem with your picks, just some of you guys’ arrogance about going there. In reality we saw 90% of the stuff you guys did.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen everything from ME2. I saw Shepard talking to an alien woman in a flying car, shooting his way to a chick’s office, throwing a guy out of the window, getting to that office, and then Thane coming in and being badass. I doubt they showed much more than that. As far as Dragon Age, the trailer was enough for me; that game looks pretty lame and generic.

  30. @Rick
    I’m pretty sure Chris M. was just blowing off steam, because some of the footage was shown in the conferences, or online.

    But as for the general public seeing 90% of what we did (or actually feeling how it controlled): no, that’s just not possible. Like I said, a lot of what we viewed was behind closed doors, and not legal outside of the convention. Also, 90% of the games we played don’t have a demo version out yet, and contained footage that isn’t seen in any online videos. For instance, we played the first entire hour of Ghostbusters, and about 45 minutes of Left 4 Dead 2.

  31. Nice to see Bayonetta is shaping up to be an excellent action experience. I have full faith in Kamiya.

    I have to agree with a few in here how God of War III is basically the same. From what I saw on Sony’s E3 conference, God of War III had the same animations and fighting mechanics. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a solid title like the previous ones, but I’m a tad disappointed GOW III isn’t changing it up. Of course we only saw a glimpse of GOW III, so they might surprise us as time goes by.

  32. avatar Magicjohnson

    “Mass effect 2 is doing new things.”

    No, it’s not. It’s improving upon things it did in ME1 and doing what it does well. Its additions are of a lesser magnitude than Uncharted 2′s additions, but both are new to the game, not new to gaming.

    “New to gaming as a whole” is very, very hard to do, and neither ME2 nor U2 are doing it.

  33. avatar JonG

    To fanboys: The award wasn’t “best graphics” it was best action game. Since you guys apparently played Bayonetta and Uncharted 2, I’ll take your word for it that Bayonetta was, for you, a better game than Uncharted 2 even if its visuals aren’t as mind blowing. I also appreciate you guys coming on to defend your picks despite the insane fanboy flaming you recieved. I think I will be popping in on this site more frequently.

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