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Today I’d like to share with you a bit of artwork from a budding artist named Chris Sweeney. Sweeney goes by the online alias SuitcoatAvenger, and frequents the community blogs. Personally, I’d refer to his art as “Samurai Jack on crack”, but he has some more professional, artsy sounding terms for us.

Sweeney himself describes his style as “an art deco mosh pit. It’s grounded on the basic foundations of the graphic arts that were popular throughout the 60′s, but lends itself to being much more random and free. Realism takes a back seat to conveying a basic idea, and the linework tends to find its way to where it needs to go largely on its own.”

Check out some of his samples below!


Bill gets in a little over his head: but at least he has tons of pills!


Sweeney’s take on Prototype’s titular character, Alex. He’s too cool to look at his victim.




This picture was done by request, and features a character from the PC Series Penumbra. Oddly enough, which we just reviewed.


Little Mac shows Von Kaiser who’s boss!


Chris did this one for me by request: thanks a ton! It’s of Zero Beat, from Jet Set Radio Future.


This is a bigger version of the header image. It’s of Max Payne, and has some interesting dialogue to boot.


There could be a million interpretations for this. Personally, I think that this gentleman was cursed, and has until midnight to earn his heart back.

So what did you think? Bookmark his blogspot if you enjoyed his work!

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  1. avatar John

    This is…awesome.

  2. Brilliant stuff. Love the Max Payne one.

  3. avatar Wallace

    Man keep up the great work, they look great I cant wait to see what else you come up with….

  4. avatar Andrew

    This I would call more of Saul Bass style improved upon. For those unfamiliar with him, he was a well known Graphic Designer. Much of his work is often associated with movie posters.

    Have a browse and compare too. ^_^

  5. @Andrew
    I love Saul Bass. Vertigo is one of my favorite movie posters.

  6. avatar Kohlstream

    I love your interpretation of the last one, makes it even more charming.

  7. avatar Jonah Province

    I might adore to be anywhere near a beach!

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